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  2. It's amazing how different Diet Coke tastes without liquor.
  3. Its okay, it was diet! Lol
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  5. Stop drinking that damn coke. It will make you crazy !
  6. Same O, Same O ! I should have took the $13.00 to the Casino.
  7. nothing special at the boat show but ifound a loomis 7 ft ulta light 2 piece i really liked but didnt buy it
  8. Unfortunately on other places like Facebook fishing pages, other forums, a post by a member on here above and conversations in person that this is exactly the sentiment that is being shared. Makes me sad. My post is mostly a soap box rant on my part after a few whiskey cokes lol!
  9. Very good point Rush, and in no way did I mean to come across as bitter or angry towards folks who have had poor experiences at that store, because I have had them as well! In the 5-ish years since I've worked there, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've been there. I can honestly say that because of that, I've spent thousands on outdoor gear either online (Rogers Sporting Goods, Macks PW, Cabelas, etc.) or at local establishments such as Marine General or L&M.
  10. I hardly think anyone is "celebrating" a business going under. And you've both, with your inside experience, helped reinforce my point as a customer; turnover, poor training and a poor corporate mission all equal failure on the company's part and that, unfortunately, leads to job loss. I don't think anyone is lighting torches chanting "down with Gander"; what we (and apparently everyone else) are chanting is give outdoorsmen something they want, and that something is not a 27% interest credit card to use on a ridiculously overpriced firearm. That clearly shouldn't be the focus and I'd be willing to bet that neither of you sought out a job at an outdoors retailer to sell someone a credit card. The fact that you learned your products while there is awesome, and based on my experience with Gander, fairly unusual. I did get great service at Gander one time. The kid was extremely helpful and I was grateful for his effort; so much that I made a point to let Gander corporate know about it. I'd never expect anyone to know every single thing about every single product, but I do expect an employee to be able to accurately tell me whether or not they carry a product and not just say "no" because they don't want to bother. The one retail job I worked at 4000 years ago taught us to say "I don't know, but if you'll hang on a second, I'll find out". Effort. Simple effort oftentimes trumps experience. The long and short of it is, that we, as consumers, are not concerned with a corporate plight or their excuses as to why they don't give consumers what they want. We simply spend our money elsewhere and that might be why Gander is in the situation they're in.
  11. I'd have to agree with Cotner regarding their sales associates. Roughly 5-6 years ago I worked in the firearms dept. at the Hermantown store, and granted I didn't know too much about anything other than rifles when I started, I was a freakin' gun nut when I left, and there were VERY few questions I couldn't answer. A person working at a big box store in ONE department can only know so much about the roughly 500 firearms in the store, PLUS 1000's more that aren't in stock, PLUS the thousands of products on the floor. Many times I'd be working the counter, and someone would come in with a specific question regarding a SPECIFIC product on the floor that they have spent hours researching on forums, other websites, etc. THAT BEING SAID......The reason the knowledge of Gander associates has gone DOWN so much in the past 4-5 years is the changes in management and the focus on a corporate level, and that was the main reason that I left. They stopped caring about actually selling the customer what they came there for, and keep pushing employees to sell warranties, credit cards, etc. This leads to contempt within the ranks, and then you get high turnover, therefore leaving them with an staff that has little to no knowledge of their specific products.
  12. Ill miss Gander. Their technical clothing is right on par with any other major retailer (industry standard is 50% over cost on clothing). If you want wragler or levi jeans, go to walmart or kohls. You know youre going to pay top dollar for top names like mt hardware, columbia, northface etc. Their tackle in general is priced the same as anywhere else within reason. A rapala is $5-$7 anywhere. Ill agree their ammo pland gun prices are rediculous. Everyone forgets that stores like gander employ entry level employees, the expectation that every 17 year old there is going to be an expert (which im always hearing anytime gander is brought up in any forum or live conversation) is rediculous. I will say their fishing dept manager "Shark" is probably the best fisherman and guide in the northland, that guy knows his shit. You dont need to make sure your tetanus vaccinations are up to date like you do before shopping in Marine General and the giant shrek looking guy that works the gun counter at fishermans corner is an absolute asshole and has lost multiple gun purchases from me. The only bonus there is their prices on bulk leeches is awesome. But lets celebrate a MN business going under.
  13. Lol! Just don't get it wet.
  14. Their gun prices are double of a regular gun shop and don't even get me started on their unbelievably high ammo prices!
  15. Well, outfits like Marine General & Scotty @ Pike Lk. fit the pricing match and atmosphere... Gander has always just plain sucked, unless you want to overpay MSRP for Columbia and other 'designer' clothes, and twice as much as bargain joints for the basic sinkers/hooks/nets/paddles/etc... I think the only thing keeping them alive this long is gift cards from moms/grandmas/wives/etc. that think that's what the man in their life wants for a gift. Then this poor fuck has to go redeem a $25 or 50 card on a pair of socks and 10 hooks. GOOD RIDDANCE! They have been sucking money out of Outdoor Sports Budgets for YEARS. People will do more for less without them, and save their time laughing at the prices. It's bad some will lose jobs. But what kind of job was being a pimp for overpriced merchandise in an environment no one wants? I'll bet the BIG MOVERS & SHAKERS at Gander will do just fine with retirement packages. Those geniuses are the ones that blew it...offering mediocre gear at 150% markups from wholesale, and not caring about service or knowledge in depts. And they'll come out smelling the best.
  16. Jack, you need a paper mache' anchor.
  17. Electric Hand & thumb warmers on handlebars, below zero will only do so much for ya. Good Show! I'm riding Ely trails & lakes this weekend, or until the snow season melts. Watching Wild game, and getting my backpack ready for big loops around town in 30-40 temps Friday. Now, back to innovation corner....Brought to you by Rush, Coates & Coates thread, and Boxer light beer.
  18. Anyone going to the Boat Show...I'll put out a $10 Bounty to anyone that pinches Adam Clark's nipples on video. He'd probably enjoy it, and so will everyone else. An extra $10 if you have a M/F logo on. $10 MORE, if it makes it to the KBJR broadcast. This dork is part of the reason we're not allowed to get REAL weather forecasts from George Kessler anymore.
  19. BTW; There is a $2.00 ticket discount on line ! See you there !
  20. Me too im going about 1/130 pm or so. interested in a bow mount trolling motor. nothing on craig' s list now .
  21. I will be at the Boat Show tomorrow looking at all the stuff I can't afford or probably already have ! Just Say'n ?
  22. kiwannis last chance contest on fish lake saturday 1200 till 300
  23. Shovel and I recently got fat bikes and like everything I do outside in the winter, my hands freeze. I had a set of handlebar pogies I bought for my snowmobile years ago, so I put them on my bike. It made a HUGE difference for me, so I wanted to make Shovel a set, too. I used the set I have as a model and reverse engineered them to learn how to make a set. These work fantastic on a snowmobile, ATV or bike. Difficulty Level: What You'll Need: 1 Yard of Denier Nylon or Polyester, Cordura,or other stiff outdoor fabric of some type for the shell. 1 Yard insulated nylon. *Alternatively, a Yard of light nylon material and a yard or heavy fusible fleece or thinsulate* Polyester thread 1" Wide Velcro (24") 1" Slider buckles (2) Reflective material (optional) Sewing machine with denim or leather needle (#14-16) Pattern Pogie Cinch.pdf pogie pattern.pdf What You'll Do: Print 2 of each PDF & cut out Tape pogie pattern at the top where it says "fold" so it looks like this: Trace pattern on shell and lining materials. *I wasn't able to find insulated material, so I made some by attaching fusible fleece to the lining material. I then sewed it on in a criss-cross pattern in 2" squares. This step is kind of time-consuming, so try to find actual insulated material if you can.* Trace the small cinch piece on shell material only. This is what you should have now: Fold long edge of liner material over like this and sew. Do the exact same for the shell. Take cinch piece and sew grosgrain around the curved edge. Loop slider buckle on one end of the fuzzy piece of velcro. Starting at the slider, sew 7" of the 12" long fuzzy piece of velcro (see photos for clarity). Stitch 4" of the prickly velcro piece to the other end of the fuzzy piece. *Optional: Center the reflective piece on the long edge of the shell & sew it on. Center the finished cinch piece on the long edge of the shell and sew. Turn shell inside out, so the "good" sides of the material are touching. Sew the curved side of the shell from the fold, all the way to the bottom. Do the exact same for the liner. Clip curve like so: Now, turn liner right side out and keep the shell inside out. Put the liner inside the shell and line up the bottom edges like this. Sew bottom of liner to bottom of shell, but DON'T sew the whole works shut! Again, clip curves. It should look like this: Pull liner down so it and the shell are bottom to bottom. Turn the shell right side out and tuck the liner inside. Take care to work out all curved edges so everything is neat and even. Sew around the perimeter, about 1/4" from the edge. So, around the bottom, up and along where the cinch piece is, over and down the other side. Then line the front seams up and stitch from the bottom of the cinch piece down to the bottom & you're finished. It should look like this when you're finished: And, on the handlebars: Let me know if you have any questions & I'll try to help you through it. Good luck!
  24. Dennie G and I may hit the boat show Friday afternoon as well. Saturday there's a vintage snowmobile run on Fish Lake and Dennie's brother Kevin has a gathering/bonfire at his place next to the public landing on the end of Bachelor Rd. Sounds like it's going to be a nice weekend to be outside!
  25. still recouping from surgery but doing ok, tomorrow going to the boat show for something to do, need to get out fishing. buddy of mine at low yesterday said they had their 2 limits in 5 hours. hope to go next week.
  26. Nunnu told me about that. He said it was quite an experience, but it made him feel all out of sorts. I think it'd be cool to check out, but it'll be interesting to see where it goes in the long run. We'll probably see people on airplanes with these things on having a virtual vacation. Now that I mention it. That sounds pretty great...
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