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  2. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    OK. Thanks. I'll take one also. I can make that work. Having the model # is gold, Jerry, GOLD! Call or text me. I live on the Duluth hillside, but could go to TH to pick one up this weekend. 218-391-8082 Cash OK?
  3. Minnesota WILD!

    Looking forward to hockey season! I guess we'll have to get some sort of tv service.
  4. Minnesota WILD!

    Wild sign Virginia High School Poy Matt Cullen to 1 year, CHEAP 1 million contract for the 2017-18 season today. A guy with his name on the Cup 3 times can not hurt. This guy knows the game, in the NHL 20 years. When we got him last time, I thought he was way more respectable than Rolston, Gaborik, Vanek, Settogouchi, or any of those overpaid homos. Nutterbutter & Granlund just got big 5 mil re-sign contracts too. GO WILD!
  5. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Got it down two houses.
  6. Yesterday
  7. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Great! I'll take one
  8. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Non thermal? Model 4205? I'm guessing?
  9. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    You try to google for images/dimensions/etc...and there are SEVERAL models. Which one are we getting? I'd be interested if it'd fit me.
  10. Last week
  11. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Just found another one so I have 3 now.
  12. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    No idea. I had 3 down to 2.
  13. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Which model # are they? You have 2 of them?
  14. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    thats a steal!
  15. 2 2-3 person non thermal predator with the side step. MSRP $799.99 you can have it for $260.
  16. 1952 MINT condition Johnson 3 hp twin.

    I've had a few craigslist nibbles, but no biters. This month's firm price...$325
  17. Excellent condition black 2006 Buell Ulysses XB12X. 23,000 miles. Female owned and ridden. Bike has never been laid down, never abused and is in near perfect condition. This Buell runs perfectly and everything works as it should. It's very fast, very torquey and very tall; it's not really for the beginner (or the vertically challenged). Bike has a great sounding exhaust and people are always shocked that the Harley sound is coming from that "sport bike"! Kickstand update has already been done, as have the rear bearings/seals (preventative maintenance). Bike has: -Erik Buell Race Computer -Erik Buell Racing Exhaust. -Touratech Hand Guards -12v Battery Monitor on dash -Heated Grips -Discrete Side Bag Supports -12V Jack For Heated Clothing -New Battery -Stebel Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn (really REALLY loud!) This has been a fantastic bike and has never had a speck of trouble. I just have other bikes and hubby doesn't like riding the Buell because he's a cruiser guy, so it's time to find Buelly a new home. I'm not eager or desperate to sell; I simply hate to see it just sitting in my garage and not out having fun. $4950
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  19. Daily Randomness...

    Glad to hear! I thought Axl might be a putz considering his past behavior. I used to love that band. I went to Tool in June it was great!
  20. Daily Randomness...

    Axl was awesome! Sounded great and they did 28 songs. Was better than I was expecting. I'd post a video but my phone won't let me for some reason.
  21. Daily Randomness...

    From the posts I saw of GNR; Axl seemed to be top form???
  22. Daily Randomness...

    They should have had a gallows onstage for Axl.
  23. Daily Randomness...

    Did they have a buffet on stage for Axl?? .
  24. Perfect. I think that's just about what I'd have done if I removed the screws. Nice job.
  25. Daily Randomness...

    I was impressed with ghost also
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