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  2. What type of modeling software are you using, Rush? Among a couple other things, being a design engineer I use 3D modeling software A LOT at work, so if you have any questions let me know! It will be interesting to see how one of these arms holds up in the cold.
  3. Thanks! It's pretty exciting!
  4. Looking good!
  5. Last week
  6. Thanks, Vex. As they sit now, it's unfortunately pretty cost prohibitive to sell them. They took 4 1/2 hours to print and gobbled up the filament. I'm going to do some refinements to find the balance of materials, time and strength to try to get just the right ratio, then I can say whether or not it'd be worth it in the end.
  7. Finally found time to get back to this project, which is a good thing since I wanted it for the July 4th week! Boards all cut and screwed down Got everything sanded so you won't snag your swimming trunks! Used some PVC to fab up the umbrella mount, added an eye bolt so that the umbrella can't pull up and fly away during a ride. Simple battery mount with a spacer board to hold the battery to the back of the tray. I still need to add a couple eye bolts and a bungee strap to hold the battery down in the tray. Added a little transom board to push the motor another inch backwards for foot clearance. If you look close you can see the U bracket screwed to the bottom of the table top to run the trolling motor wires through so they don't hang down in the way of anything. Sealed all the bung holes with some marine goop to keep her floating nicely. Finished project ready for the water! I used ratchet straps to attach the barrels, screwed them into the frame with construction screws and fender washers to hold the hooks in place. This way I can remove the barrels easily if needed It will hit the water this weekend. If my calculations are decent I should be able to haul six large adults around on it and still have the barrels about half way in the water. We'll find out how good my Grain Belt math is!
  8. Wow. Pretty cool rush. How much for a set of brackets? Thx
  9. Now that I've got my printer up & running, I'm starting to dabble in 3D design. I understand the concept pretty well, it's just a matter of learning the software. There's a massive learning curve to all of this, but it's very interesting. Here's the first thing I designed in a 3D program, then printed. It's far from perfect, but it actually came out better than I expected, especially for a first try. These pics are right out of the printer with no post-production work done to it at all. I'll probably do some smoothing and sanding to see how smooth I can get it.
  10. Wow! That's in nice shape!
  11. If electric isn't pushing that heavyweight table around the lake fast enough, I might make you a deal on this cute little 48 Johnson I just caught a great deal on at a garage sale in Ely
  12. sold
  13. Lowrance Elite 7 - HDI with Navionics MN Premium chip. Built in GPS, with ability to do split screen with graph. Nice unit. Just looking to upgrade.
  14. I would take you up on that, but we are leaving for Yellowstone this Saturday, and lots to do before then.
  15. Lol! Shocking, isn't it? SO lifelike!
  16. Wow! That cat looks real. Nice printer.
  17. If you feel like sanding down the black one, I'll even splurge on a case of Leinie's. Blue Bike just got his first coat. My 2 new black motor kits arrived today.
  18. you'd be surprised how much free beer can add up to!!
  19. I was wondering what that was! I saw someone mention it on facebook when I was in CA and had no clue what it was!
  20. You could benefit from one of these.
  21. That sounds great! Thanks!
  22. So, the other day, I decided to build myself a 3D printer. It was a challenge & took me about 7 hours, but it works great! I think there might be some fine tuning I could do, but I'm getting nice prints so far. I'm starting to learn 3D modelling software so I can make things I design myself. Kitty helping, of course. Starting my first print. It's a gimbal lock/lens cover for my drone. Print finished!
  23. OMC. Oink/Moo/Cluck. about19th west and Superior St., Duluth. Their St. Louis ribs are pretty damn good. 2 really good side dishes included for $24 a full rack. But you'll get 2 meals out of it. I thought about telling them that Bombardier/Outboard Marine Corporation might not like their using OMC as a trade name, but the food was so good; and the place was so clean I didn't want to risk harshing that scene...
  24. Big Fun at Bike Night tonight. Starting on the blue bike, Serial number three. Went to the dump today, and got two bikes that don't look like much now, but have valuable parts to go with the two motors I have ordered for Wednesday delivery. Can't pay much more than free beer and laughs, but I could use a guy to strip paint and decals off the frames for me, if anyone wants to sign up for the internship program here.
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  26. Combine. 50% soy sauce about 1/2-3/4 cup 50% soy vay terriaki sauce about 1/2-3/4 cup 1 bunch diced green onions 1 tbs diced garlic 1 squirt yellow mustard 1 cup brown sugar slice salmon into 2.5 inch wide strips, marinade for 12-24 hours place skin side down on hot grill, skin will burn to the grill but fish will come right off with a spatula enjoy.
  27. It's official. The green bike is sold I rode him across Ely this afternoon to deliver him to Zup's store. Have a guy from Cass Lake coming to town on Monday to look at the red one. I ordered two more motor kits in black Matte finish to snaz up the next production run of two bikes.
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