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  2. Fly Fishing Rod Combo 9ft 5wt

  3. Sarah thought it was a good idea to get a van or class C camper to hit blues Fests, and camping trips within a few hours drive. She was finding overpriced rustbuckets far away to waste time looking beyond the ad pictures. People at work with health issues won't be using my NEW '96 GMC Savana TMC Tiara conversion pimp mobile any more, so I bought it for $600. I didn't know a vehicle could be so loaded. This thing has more switches/lights/acc./than the StarSip Enterprise. And everything we've tried so far works. Pretty new set of Cooper tires, no leaks, suspension/brakes/motor great. Some rust. LOTS of dirt & grime. This is almost as bad as some of the kitchens people leave for me to clean. Just spent 2 hours with a steam cleaner, a wire brush, solvents, chemicals and dug out a lot of Ragu sauce, tortilla chips, axle grease, screws/nails/garbage out of there. It should be clean enough to get dirty again camping the weekend of the 30th at Birch. Has dual cassette decks, tv/VCR/ mood lighting, electric full size bed/rear seat. 6 way power front seats. All in gorgeous blue leather. Class 2 trailer hitch & light plug. Taking pics as I go. Hope to get some up this weekend.
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  5. 2017 Grouse/Small Game

    good report. We were out on foot with the dogs north of Duluth Sunday morning, saw 7, got 1
  6. Welcome Walter!

    Hey Walter, Welcome to MidwestSportsman. Please feel free to browse around and get to know everyone! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to introduce yourself. We're glad to have you.  Walter joined on the 09/20/2017. View Member
  7. I hope this counts... I'm mounting my Lowrance Hook 7 to a Vexilar pro pack with a ram mount. I'll be able to use the GPS to get to my way points, and then the ice mode once I'm all set up. I'm trying to figure out a clean way to mount and LED to the bottom underneath the unit.
  8. Fly Fishing Rod Combo 9ft 5wt

    Selling a like new 9ft 5wt fly rod. Its the Trout Stalker 2 by Stone Creek. Used once, still has plastic on cork. Includes fly line and case. A 5wt is your "all-around" fly rod size, good for panfish to stream trout, to pink salmon, to bass. Regular price $250 will sell for $175. I can spend a little time giving some casting instruction as well if you're new to the sport. 952-847-0595
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  10. 2017 Grouse/Small Game

    WOW!! Love IT!! .
  11. Coates Ice Fishing Show this weekend

    This sounds worthy of my attendance. I hope I don't buy anything for Christ's sake! .
  12. 2017 Grouse/Small Game

    Yeah. Here's a DOOZY. I did about 140 miles of back dirt roads from Ely down to NE of the Knotted Pine, and back Saturday. Saw ONE bird and about 385 people on ATVs, trucks, cars, etc. Sunday, I went up the Echo trail in better weather, and saw 3 more, got one of them. Monday morning dawn, I left the 'Resort planning on hunting a few roads down 169 to get to work by noon. Ran into this brute on the Murray road north of Tower about 7AM.
  13. Coates Ice Fishing Show this weekend

    i will probably check it out but i work friday saturday but maybe saturday evening.
  14. Coates Ice Fishing Show this weekend

    Black Bear Casino is hosting the Coates RV Ice Fishing Show this weekend. Dennie and I are going to go check it out Friday afternoon when it opens, should be there about 12:30pm. Don't expect much other than houses, but who knows!
  15. 2017 Grouse/Small Game

    Heading for the 'Resort Friday after work. Looks pretty rainy Saturday for the morning opener, but I'm likely to be near the Knotted Pine/McDougal/Dragon area early Sat. afternoon. Champagne colored GMC truck with MinnowFace colors on the back window. If the weather forecast hold for some clearing Sunday, AND I see a few birds or this year's good crop of snowshoes...I might stay and hunt Monday. Fall colors are popping up, might be some pics coming, if the site will allow a few from my phone. (The fish house pics from this week was the first time in a couple months a photo in a post was accepted.) Good luck. Shoot straight & be safe.
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  17. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Numbered poles would have been very helpful.
  18. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Yes. That was part of my confusion on fitting the canvas over the 3/4 extended frame. Made the naive mistake of assembling 4 of my 6 frame assemblies so the bolted in hardpoint hinge ends had the lock knobs on the wrong side of the outer poles in their 'pre-assembly'. Which involved loosening about 16 nuts & bolts on the affected corners to turn them around. The cordless drill with a 7/16 deep socket and a box wrench were my helper on this gig. Once again, Frabill's directions SUCK! If they could have written a few lines about 'watch out for THIS'..., or marking/numbering the poles would help a LOT. All in all, though, it's a pretty sturdy portable. You need a full size truck and a dock lift to get it anywhere, but there is easily enough room for my cot & 2 rattle reels for an overnighter in decent winter weather. For this price, it should be worth at least $400 for a few years.
  19. Good People In This World

    That's an awesome story! What a nice guy he was to return them. I have my name & number in all my gear. I always doubt that someone will return anything valuable, but it does make it easier to do the right thing if they're not the pukey type.
  20. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Holy crap, Cheeser, yours is different!
  21. Good People In This World

    About as weird as packing a bowling ball or golf clubs.
  22. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Glad ya'all are happy with the houses.
  23. Good People In This World

    Over a week ago I had tackle box fly out of my boat. How I have no idea, it was loaded with all of slow death rigs and spinner harnesses, blades I painted, some custom Great Lake stuff etc. all said and done atleast $900 if not more. I drove the 20 miles from cabin to the lake I went to and could not find it. Figured what the hell id throw it out on fb at a local bait shop to see if anyone has found it and that I'd provide the finder with a bottle or case of their choice. I had a handful of the blades in boat, Tommy Harris and Big Eyes, showed them to a few locals and after they were drooling over it I'd figure if anyone found it they'd keep it. So I just figured if that helps some dad get his kids on a boat load of fish, or a personal best, gets someone into fishing etc than it's worth it. Fast forward today, after buying all new beads and hooks and blades, and packing them in my suitcase. The bait shop gives me a call, says a farmer found them in his field. He dropped em off at the shop and wanted a case of budlight for them. Called my folks at the lake and thank god for Sunday sales that man is enjoying some cold beers now and I'm happy to have my stuff all back. side note is it weird I packed an entire suit case for Chicago with just tackle to make?
  24. Truck bed toolbox

    Chinese Dave's S-10 bed toolbox. Pretty sure it's aluminum, and in great shape but for dirt & scratches. Likely to fit a lot of smaller trucks, or be good for mounting on a trailer? Locks & keys good. I'm asking $140 on CL, building in some haggle room...Compare to the overpriced $300-400 new at Northern Tool's latest catalog. $100 to a MinnowFace. The dimensions and pics are in the current CL ad:
  25. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    This one has a huge front door or you could drive a truck into, and a nice little drive-through window in the back
  26. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Yeah, it's huge and heavy, and the directions DO suck! I think it's a really nice portable, though. We had trouble with the canvas, too. We had to look at the box to see where the top vents and the yellow panels were oriented. The elasticy part gave us fits. Put all the poles down like you're packing up. Slip the elastic part on the tub like a fitted sheet. Once that's in order, the rest is easier. Sika's had extra hardware. Maybe he got yours from the factory! lol! We used 2 cordless drills with nut drivers, clutched out at about 5 to assemble all the hardware. That made it really simple. Sika had 2 bad pieces of hardware on his; the weird, super flat bolts that go in the corner hinge(?) thingies. He had other hardware, so it wasn't a problem. I took 2 matching ones out of the center of 2 of the plastic hoop brackets & used those to maintain the hinge clearance. I put the oddballs in the plastic pieces because there's no clearance issue there. Unless these were just a fluke, the supplied bolts are not very strong, so anyone assembling this should be aware of that. I think it'll be perfect for he & his wife to fish out of because they bring lots of crap, but I could never use one myself. I'd never get it out of the garage!
  27. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    I spent a couple of hours this morning just uncrating & sorting about 200 parts, trial & a bit of error on getting the poles attached & seats together. The directions SUCK. Was missing a few nuts & bolts, but had some on hand. Still have to figure out how the tent goes on this thing, but you can see it's gonna be huge & heavy. Going to have to build a ramp and mount the baby winch from the ATV in my truck bed, which will be full of this pig most of the winter.
  28. I just did my order with clam for this winter. 60ish days to go....until I should be on some ice.
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