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  2. Awesome! Please do a DIY thread!
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  4. I've got a blue one here in the backyard you can have for a GOOD HOME like that...swing by and pick it up. WILL TRADE FOR BEER You decide how much... (I think if you stay less than 10 feet long, you don't need a DNR boat tag for it.) But check the 'Good Book' of Boating on that one.
  5. I'm looking for four 55 gallon plastic barrels, either blue or white, that don't have the remove-able tops. I'm going to build an electric trolling motor powered floating picnic table. I'm hoping I don't have to pay $25 per barrel, let me know if you have any you don't need! Thanks!
  6. I sure wish I could have that done! Give Nordic Builders a shout. They might be able to help you. Nunnu's cousin Ted owns it & they've been in business forever. (218) 590-3925
  7. Welcome welcome!! .
  8. Tossing around the idea of adding a stall onto an existing attached garage. We need to replace a foundation wall, thinking it might be worth it to add a stall instead and just bury the existing wall. Anyone have a recommendation on someone who could do work like that?
  9. I have a Savage 116 w accutrigger in stainless for sale. Paid 640 for it would like to get 400 Used on two hunting trips had about 100 rounds put through it.
  10. Thanks! It is such a huge improvement! It really changed the whole look of our property. Even I was surprised at the impact it has! I'm kinda kicking some ideas around.
  11. I bet there are a bunch of people who would like that on there garage doors ! I see Cha-Ching !
  12. Mint! Maybe I should get one for my homemade push scooter.
  13. The first trials went VERY well yesterday. Fueled the green bike, pedaled up the gently sloping alley, and popped the clutch. The damn thing sputtered to life with full choke. Figured out how to adjust carb mixture with fingers for a smoother idle, and started up 11th Ave E. The motor WILL climb this hill, but I quickly learned that pedaling with the motor assist on steep hills, or dead stop starts helps. Too much traffic and ugly terrain here, so I put it on a trunk-mount bike rack on my car and drove up to work. Parking lots up there much friendlier for learning the overly 'busy' handlebar controls. Once the bike is warmed up, the motor just starts on command as needed, like a hybrid car. It's not a rocket, but it does ride well. Looks pretty cool, and probably gets about 300 mpg. It got high marks from Darrel, Worty, Seabass, and Milo (who also took it for a spin). This thing is so much fun, I may sell it and start another one. Definitely going to assemble another one, Somehow the kits came down in price this month so I just ordered another for less than a Croaker. Supposed to be here by Tues May 2nd. That will give me time to strip down & paint the Raleigh bike I bought at the Continental Bike Swap yesterday for $40.
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  15. That is cool, I sure had a lot of fun with him up north. I would like to see the pic that was shown.
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  17. Looks like you ruined Tom's day. That's a big turkey compared to the ones we get around here. Some dandy browns too.
  18. Fantastic! Love the pics! What a great adventure!
  19. we shot a few other things to help with pest control was well worth the drive cheeser. ill be back out there in july for a few weeks of relaxation again.
  20. Looks like it was worth the drive.
  21. few more pics
  22. just got home yesterday from 15 days out west. hunted in southern colorado near chromo. i shot a 27 pound gobbler with a 10 inch beard and almost inch spurs. not a easy turkey hunt. put on well over 15 miles in my 3 days of hunting and my brother even more inthe 5 days he hunted with no turkey for him. the mountains were beautiful and wildlife was abundant but the turkeys were hard to find. fishing on the ranch was pretty good too. caught rainbows, browns, brookies, crappie, catfish, bluegill. all in all it was a good vacation. ill post pics when i get a chance.
  23. I almost bought one when I was looking for a rifle, but ended up getting a sweet trade deal on a different .300 win mag. Definitely felt good, was comfortable to shoulder, smooth bolt, and decent trigger. But then again, i'm not terribly picky. When I compared it to the other rifles in it's class like the Ruger American, I liked the XPR waaaay better. The only other rifle in it's price class that I liked more was the Browning AB3. The XPR at the time was about $200 cheaper on sale tho...A buddy at our hunting shack has an XPR and he really likes his. For the price you listed I would definitely pick it up! A 7mm-08 is one I've been wanting to add for a while. Great whitetail or pronghorn caliber! And if you don't like it, it would be a good gun for a youngster as well and wont be out a fortune. Also, I want one for $200.....oofda that's a helluva deal.
  24. Thanks peeps! 50 is wierd. .
  25. It is an xpr I kept getting it confused with the old Remington xpro trigger. Next question is do I get a caliber I don't have, like .325 wsm, 6.5 creedmore or 7mm-08, .308. Or do I get it in a caliber I already have, .338, .300wsm, 30.06, .270
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