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  1. Minnesota WILD!

    Looking forward to hockey season! I guess we'll have to get some sort of tv service.
  2. Excellent condition black 2006 Buell Ulysses XB12X. 23,000 miles. Female owned and ridden. Bike has never been laid down, never abused and is in near perfect condition. This Buell runs perfectly and everything works as it should. It's very fast, very torquey and very tall; it's not really for the beginner (or the vertically challenged). Bike has a great sounding exhaust and people are always shocked that the Harley sound is coming from that "sport bike"! Kickstand update has already been done, as have the rear bearings/seals (preventative maintenance). Bike has: -Erik Buell Race Computer -Erik Buell Racing Exhaust. -Touratech Hand Guards -12v Battery Monitor on dash -Heated Grips -Discrete Side Bag Supports -12V Jack For Heated Clothing -New Battery -Stebel Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn (really REALLY loud!) This has been a fantastic bike and has never had a speck of trouble. I just have other bikes and hubby doesn't like riding the Buell because he's a cruiser guy, so it's time to find Buelly a new home. I'm not eager or desperate to sell; I simply hate to see it just sitting in my garage and not out having fun. $4950
  3. Perfect. I think that's just about what I'd have done if I removed the screws. Nice job.
  4. Trolling motor battery

    I was looking recently, too. The batteries with the amp hours vs the cranking amps are so expensive I ended up going with a dual purpose one. Have you thought about running 2 "regular" batteries in parallel to maximize the run time? As far as new batteries, I know it's not a less expensive solution, but you might already have 2 you can use.
  5. Daily Randomness...

    Wow! That's a piece of history. I'm glad they were good. With all the drama and hype, I thought maybe Axl would pretty much phone it in.
  6. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    Omg, is he cute! He looks so sincere!
  7. Here's my crappie pattern version I did today.
  8. my new son of a bitch, Willie

  9. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    Aww! He's an adorable son of a bitch! What a fun pal to have!
  10. So, I wanted to add a way to monitor my battery voltage from the cockpit. I have a nice AutoMeter voltage gauge, but it's just a bit too big for the dead hole I have in my dash. Since I can't replace the dash fascia because they're not made (or available) anymore, I didn't want to modify the original by cutting it to accommodate the AutoMeter gauge. When that didn't pencil out, I got the idea to install a smaller digital gauge in the dead hole cover. I didn't want to cut that up because it's probably no longer available, either. I might be able to find a current alternative through Alumacraft, but I don't know if it'd match, bla, bla, bla. Enter my fancy new 3D printer and even newer 3D modelling skills! Lol! I took the original dead hole cover and mic'd all the dimensions and designed a new cover that I can put a voltage gauge and momentary switch in. I might add another switch so I can have a peek at either battery depending on which switch I push. Maybe. I'll have to think about that. Anyhow, It looks like it's a nice solution. I printed this in PLA which probably won't hold up to the heat of the sun beating on it, but I wanted proof of concept before printing in ABS. I think it's a go! Original: My model getting friendly with the original: And, my model with the gauge & button: I think I'll flip it the other way so the button is on the bottom. My hand kinda gets in the way like this. But then again, it might be good for shading it to see the numbers. I think it's a mint solution and just when I thought I'd already gotten to the end of my geekiness, apparently not.
  11. Does Minnkota sell a seal kit? I guess that's the obvious answer, but maybe google it and see what it includes & if it's one of those $15 for an o-ring because it's from MinnKota deals, just build your own kit.
  12. Photobucket Extortion / Broken Links

    No, nothing is actually gone. They just won't display anywhere (super useful service, right?). You can go to your account and download all your photos from them. I've been doing it for a couple days. I've taken almost everything now and put it into my external hard drive and I'll re-upload as needed in busier (ha!) and image dependent topics as I get time.
  13. Thanks, Skunky! Here it is all cleared. It's so hard to get pics of the shine of clear, but here's my best attempt. I think it'll really look great after I paint the lower unit black. I just kinda ran out of time to do it last year.
  14. My prop was in serious need of some love, especially after completely redoing my boat, so I took it off and stripped the skanky old coats of paint off. I then gave it a thorough sanding and a few coats of etching primer followed by a white basecoat. That looked pretty good, but it wasn't quite what I was after, so I hydrodipped it! When I was looking through my films, @fishesforskunks joking about how 'a boat is a hole in the water you pour money into' and that they 'hundred dollar you to death' kept running through my head. That made my $100 bills film was an easy choice! lol! Thanks, Skunky! Pics Primed: In progress: This was a very difficult dip. I had to do it in 3 sections & I still got stretching. There's really nothing I could do to prevent it. For such a complex shape, I'm happy with how it turned out and it's definitely original! I looked online to find dipped props others have done or maybe a few tips on the best technique to do it & couldn't find a single thing about either. I still need to clear it. Since props take a pretty good beating (at least judging by the condition mine was in from the PO), I'm hoping a few extra coats of clear will help it hold up better.
  15. Welcome northman!

    Hey northman, Welcome to MidwestSportsman. Please feel free to browse around and get to know everyone! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to introduce yourself. We're glad to have you.  northman joined on the 07/14/2017. View Member