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  1. So, the other day, I decided to build myself a 3D printer. It was a challenge & took me about 7 hours, but it works great! I think there might be some fine tuning I could do, but I'm getting nice prints so far. I'm starting to learn 3D modelling software so I can make things I design myself. Kitty helping, of course. Starting my first print. It's a gimbal lock/lens cover for my drone. Print finished!
  2. Thanks! It's pretty exciting!
  3. Thanks, Vex. As they sit now, it's unfortunately pretty cost prohibitive to sell them. They took 4 1/2 hours to print and gobbled up the filament. I'm going to do some refinements to find the balance of materials, time and strength to try to get just the right ratio, then I can say whether or not it'd be worth it in the end.
  4. Now that I've got my printer up & running, I'm starting to dabble in 3D design. I understand the concept pretty well, it's just a matter of learning the software. There's a massive learning curve to all of this, but it's very interesting. Here's the first thing I designed in a 3D program, then printed. It's far from perfect, but it actually came out better than I expected, especially for a first try. These pics are right out of the printer with no post-production work done to it at all. I'll probably do some smoothing and sanding to see how smooth I can get it.
  5. Wow! That's in nice shape!
  6. Lol! Shocking, isn't it? SO lifelike!
  7. I was wondering what that was! I saw someone mention it on facebook when I was in CA and had no clue what it was!
  8. You could benefit from one of these.
  9. That sounds great! Thanks!
  10. Nice glow! Wow!
  11. Custom made Ultra Light Ice rod. Blank and grip are 27" Frabill QuickTip. Blank has been custom painted, hydro dipped, and 2k Urethane cleared, as has the Frabill 241 composite inline reel attached with new bands. New eyes, wrapping and epoxy, of course. Hook keeper is glow in the dark powder coat. Reel is loaded with 2# or 3# (I believe) braided line. As a bonus, this combo includes a protective sleeve embroidered with your name (similar to the one shown). This is absolutely a one of a kind, unique combo. You won't see another like it on the ice, guaranteed! I didn't really intend on selling this since I built it for myself, and it's one of my favorites, but I could use the cash to put into another project (imagine that! Lol!) $145 This pic shows the wrapping before epoxy so you can see the olive branch detail After epoxy Bonus personalized rod sleeve similar to this one:
  12. I had an 86 Spree, which is pretty different from the earlier moped type, but I rode the wheels off that thing! I love scooters!
  13. Thanks! It's such a cool perspective!
  14. I'm learning my way around the new drone, so I took some footage yesterday of our boat at the marina and of the surrounding area. I'm pretty excited to add this new dimension to my videos! Ours is the big boat at the close end of the dock. If you look close, you can see my mom waving from the cockpit! lol!
  15. Hey greg02, Welcome to MidwestSportsman. Please feel free to browse around and get to know everyone! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to introduce yourself. We're glad to have you.  greg02 joined on the 05/29/2017. View Member
  16. HAHAHAHA!!! That would totally be me!
  17. I saw that on their FB page & really want to try it! I'm in CA, so I can't get it, but hopefully, they still have it when I get back. All Bent Paddle beers are so good! They have an amazing product and they are totally doing it right! I like that company a lot.
  18. I saw an old surfer dude buzzing along up a bridge by the ocean on one of these kits the other day. He pedalled until he wanted a little help up the hill.
  19. I think I paid $99 for my MinnKota C2 30#.
  20. Ugh! These companies' business model is so awful. They spin customers in circles so you go away and just pay. There is NO excuse for what happened to you, Ammo! Recently, I was in DirecTv hell because I was trying to watch the Twins on my FoxSportsGo (online through my DTV account). I'm in CA, my programming on my home DTV is MN, and my FoxSportsGo programming is frickin' WI! WTF! They told me it's based on my IP address. I was like "well, that's funny, I'm in CALIFORNIA!!" They had absolutely no idea why I was not getting California programming or the MN programming I'm supposed to; I'm getting WI! "Billy" from tech support gave me so many retarded reasons it wasn't working and an equal number of equally stupid "solutions". Long story short, none of it worked and we have since cancelled DTV. We're sick of their shitty customer service & their shit in general, and sick of them raising our rates every single month! So, after 20 years with DTV, FU Jobu! We're out! There are way too many online options now to suffer with DTV any longer and not only that, I rarely even watch tv!
  21. That bike is pretty cool ,Cheesehat! Mball, I don't know why that happens. Even I get denied emoji bliss sometimes. I t has to be a bug in the software. Sorry about that.
  22. Hey Kit141, Welcome to MidwestSportsman. Please feel free to browse around and get to know everyone! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to introduce yourself. We're glad to have you.  Kit141 joined on the 05/09/2017. View Member