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  1. That will be MUCH easier than cobbling misc parts together. Save the other motor for your motorized skateboard. lol!
  2. Mint!
  3. If your foot control is working, at least you know the control board in the motor is good and just the co-pilot is suspect. If worse comes to worst, maybe pick up a new remote & see if that helps. If not, you may be able to return it. I guess at that point, it'd be narrowed down to the co-pilot itself. Is it the add on panel or built in?
  4. Wow!
  5. Lol! Right now, someone is reading this going "good lord! I can't get rid of this thing!"
  6. Still for available.
  7. New condition Baffin pac boots. Size 14. Hubby wore them one time to snow blow the driveway, but he said they're "totally overkill" for snow blowing. These are literally in new condition. I don't know the model of them, but they've got the speed lacing, built in cinchable gaiter, removable "foil" looking wool liner & waffle insole. The closest model I could find is the Snow Monster. $50
  8. Good on you for trying to find the owner.
  9. I saw this post on FB
  10. Hey duluthangler, Welcome to MidwestSportsman. Please feel free to browse around and get to know everyone! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to introduce yourself. We're glad to have you.  duluthangler joined on the 03/05/2017. View Member
  11. So, the Wild have looked kinda "meh" all season, so far, but tonight was terrible. Kuemper sucked SO bad I thought I'd whip up a visual to get the point across.
  12. LOL!!
  13. Sounds good, Chipper. Just shoot me a pm & we can make arrangements when you're in the area.
  14. You could probably braze that tank. Drain, fill with water, yada yada, you know the procedure so you don't blow up your sopp.
  15. I've been watching all the winter Olympic events like luge, skeleton, bobsled, GS, nordic, biathlon, etc. on my Fire tv. Using the NBCSN app in SprotsDevil, I can watch all the events in HD! I love it! Winter Olympics are one of my most favorite things ever, so I'm really loving being able to watch the events in their actual competition circuits leading up to the Olympics!
  16. Thanks, Chadwick! Much appreciated. I'll look into it!
  17. Hey Hogdawg, Welcome to MidwestSportsman. Please feel free to browse around and get to know everyone! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to introduce yourself. We're glad to have you.  Hogdawg joined on the 02/25/2017. View Member
  18. Sorry to butt in to your ad Chadwick. I'm trying to figure out why you're unable to attach an image. What sort of error are you getting?
  19. For those of you die hard MinnowFacers who like to see the site as it used to be, you can now choose a skin. Everything on the board is current, it's just the classic header. Simply go to the bottom of the page, click Themes, and choose The Lodge-MF.
  20. After I finished restoring my Alumacraft Dominator, Nunnu asked me if I'd be willing to re-do the interior of his boat. I made him wait until the off season so he wouldn't bug me about it being done the next day. lol! His interior is really trashed, but he earned it. He uses his boat more than anyone I know. So far, I've come across one somewhat rotted deck which I'll replace, but I guess we'll see if there are any more as I get more of the interior taken apart. So far, the huge difference between an Alumacraft of my era vs his era (1996 vs 2004), is that they made drastic improvements in construction, flotation and layout. His livewell is serviceable, mine was not (but is now), his flotation is contained within plastic bags to reduce the chances of it getting waterlogged, mine was completely waterlogged and had to be removed. His decks are much easier to remove than mine because you can access the fasteners and very little of it is riveted. His dash is a sturdy fiberglass, mine is plastic and his electrical is wired way more sensibly, where mine was all willy-nilly. Even though his carpet is completely trashed and shredded in many places, it's coming off the panels pretty well intact which will make for beautiful patterns when cutting the new carpet! What a relief! Nunnu put all that aluminum angle stock all over to cover the shredded carpet and to try to preserve the edges of the wood. Here are some pics: Notice the greenery growing all over the place! Of course, no boat build is complete without a wasp nest! I swear they are in EVERY boat! Starting the tear-down: About 15# of sand was lurking behind this panel Next, comes the dash/console which is always a treat. Stay tuned!
  21. That's true. Maybe check into the bumpy vinyl stuff.
  22. I thought I'd start a spot for everyone to post random stuff you don't want to start a whole thread about. Like my breakfast this morning! I made DIY McMuffins. Mmmmmm...
  23. I hardly think anyone is "celebrating" a business going under. And you've both, with your inside experience, helped reinforce my point as a customer; turnover, poor training and a poor corporate mission all equal failure on the company's part and that, unfortunately, leads to job loss. I don't think anyone is lighting torches chanting "down with Gander"; what we (and apparently everyone else) are chanting is give outdoorsmen something they want, and that something is not a 27% interest credit card to use on a ridiculously overpriced firearm. That clearly shouldn't be the focus and I'd be willing to bet that neither of you sought out a job at an outdoors retailer to sell someone a credit card. The fact that you learned your products while there is awesome, and based on my experience with Gander, fairly unusual. I did get great service at Gander one time. The kid was extremely helpful and I was grateful for his effort; so much that I made a point to let Gander corporate know about it. I'd never expect anyone to know every single thing about every single product, but I do expect an employee to be able to accurately tell me whether or not they carry a product and not just say "no" because they don't want to bother. The one retail job I worked at 4000 years ago taught us to say "I don't know, but if you'll hang on a second, I'll find out". Effort. Simple effort oftentimes trumps experience. The long and short of it is, that we, as consumers, are not concerned with a corporate plight or their excuses as to why they don't give consumers what they want. We simply spend our money elsewhere and that might be why Gander is in the situation they're in.
  24. Lol! Just don't get it wet.