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  1. Minnesota WILD!

    So, the Wild have looked kinda "meh" all season, so far, but tonight was terrible. Kuemper sucked SO bad I thought I'd whip up a visual to get the point across.
  2. Daily Randomness...

    I thought I'd start a spot for everyone to post random stuff you don't want to start a whole thread about. Like my breakfast this morning! I made DIY McMuffins. Mmmmmm...
  3. Daily Randomness...

    YES! Twin Ports radio is not only stuck in 1981, it on an infinite 3 song loop. UGH!! Thank god for satellite radio!
  4. Football Chatter 2017-18

  5. Minnesota WILD!

    Ha! Weird! Maybe it's a first game in a suite thing? Big shot! lol!
  6. Minnesota WILD!

    Awesome! A suite would be so cool! What are the certificate & puck commemorating?
  7. Photo Test Thread

    LOL!!!!! Mball, nice pics!
  8. Photo Test Thread

    Test photo uploading here. We had a thread like this already; I'll be darned if I can find it! I'm trying to sort out the Error 200 code everyone keeps getting (including myself!). Aaaaand, that didn't work Grrrr!!
  9. Photo Test Thread

    That pic of you & Pete is funny! I like the island one, though.
  10. Photo Test Thread

    Great. It seems to be working better anyhow. So, for those who want to post photos on the run, it should be fine. If you've got the option to use a photo sharer service like Photobucket USED to be, please do it. There's always a hosting space concern for us. There might be a way to prune out irrelevant photos in loooong dead threads to economize space, too. I hate to, but I think it's an option.
  11. Hummingbird 597 downimager & ice screws

    Sorry to hijack, @chadwick , but try to upload the photos again. I think I've got it fixed. Sorry about that.
  12. Photo Test Thread

    Yay!!! Success! I think it's fixed!
  13. The time had come for me to get a bigger boat, but I had a pretty tight budget. I wanted a modern 16' with console and I was shocked at how expensive they are! I looked around a lot and I couldn't find anything in my price range. I found a 1996 Alumacraft Dominator CS with a Yamaha 70 horse motor and a Spartan roller trailer at Grand Rapids Marine for $3500, so we went up & looked at it. The interior is really trashed. Seriously. Trashed. The motor is good and the hull is in nice shape. After the guy cut the winter shrink wrap off the boat and I checked it over, it was clear it'd been underwater. I mean, when there's a waterline in the footwell and piles of sand in the front dry storage bins... I asked the salesman if that was the case & he said no. He even asked the other salesman, who backed his "story" up. There is no way these guys didn't know this boat spent a lot of time underwater. Either way, we didn't pay nearly what they were asking. We bought it with the understanding it's going to be a total re-do. Today, I went to Campbell's and bought some materials, but I don't think I'll be needing them for a while. Trust me. It's WAAAAYYY worse than it looks in the photos. This is after tearing stuff apart for a few hours. I can't believe how these things are built! Wow. So, there you have it, today's progress. I hit a bit of a snag removing the live well because I can't get to 2 of the fasteners. They're below that cream colored piece of aluminum under the gunnel. I don't want to remove it from the outside because I'll need special rivets to put it back on. I'm going to avoid removing any rivets in the hull itself. I was pretty tired by the time I got to this point, so maybe tomorrow a solution will be clear. The wiring for the console is also a mess, so I need to take all that out, too. No biggie, I have to remove it to take the flooring out anyway.
  14. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    Wow! They sure grow fast! He's cute!
  15. Changing calipers is a breeze. So much so that I'm half tempted to just put loaded calipers on my Jeep every time it needs brakes instead of pads! It's easier! lol! I'd never mess with broken bleeders, especially for $20. Look them up at Advance Auto. You can get coupons right on their site and even better ones if you look around online a little. Buy them online, use the 30%-40% coupon and pick them up right there at the store by work.
  16. Those are nice features. My Marcum LX7 has temp and voltage, but no clock. I have it hooked to my main battery, so it shows it's voltage. The secondary gauge is just a trolling motor monitor. Cheeser, will the Helix 5 convert for ice? Are you going to use it for that?
  17. Thanks! I think this stuff is legit, for sure!
  18. Snowmobile or motorcycle seat damaged? Here's how to repair that vinyl!
  19. Sweet! Wish our Astro's fuel lines were that easy...
  20. So, recently, I bought a snowmobile and it came with a "junk" trailer as the guy told us. He was right, in it's current state, it was junk. Anyhow, I towed the package about a mile home, put the sled in the garage and started looking over the trailer. Long story short, it had no decking, it was broke in 2 places, it had a nice coating of surface rust, and it had skuzzy, greasy, mismatched wheels. EZ-PZ! I took the pieces of plywood off, wire brushed the entire frame, axle, tongue, etc. I welded up the breaks and then welded in 2 new pieces of plate steel in those places to reinforce it. There's a design flaw there, I believe. After the welding and cleaning, I coated the entire thing, top and bottom with Chassis Saver, then painted it with gloss black Rustoleum Oil Enamel (love that stuff). I took the wheels off & power washed them, then I prepped and painted them to match the trailer, greased the hubs, & put them back on. After I got the frame and chassis all new again, I put new 5/8 treated plywood decking on it to finish it up. I pulled a cute red pinstripe on the trailer sides and a matching one on the wheels to gussy it up a bit. I just need a set of taillights and it's ready to rock! I might put a set of those hydraulic lift thingies that hold the trailer up so you can drive on. There are mounts for them already there, so I might as well. I have about $150 into it. Not a bad price for a 2 place, tilt trailer. Here are a few pics. You can see the breaks over the wheels. I had already started putting the Chassis Saver on in this pic.
  21. Minnesota WILD!

    I think it was rigged so Detwat would win their first game in their new building; with all the dedications to the owner who recently passed away and all that...