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  1. You're a strange man, my friend. .
  2. He's beating up kids and taking the bikes from them. .
  3. Welcome welcome!! .
  4. Thanks peeps! 50 is wierd. .
  5. You're so welcome Rush! They look great! .
  6. Staalock is in the nets tonight against Ottawa. He's the UMD boy. Best of luck to him tonight! This team has to turn around. I don't expect them to win every single game, but a shit-streak like this can be harmful going into the playoffs. GO WILD!! . .
  8. Well said Woody, he in deed did rock the place! He cam in full boar and there was never a dull moment with him! RIP Spook!!
  9. My bet is the remote control. Try switching out the battery first and then maybe clean the 'touch pads' on the inside of the remote. .
  10. Yeah! the hell??? .
  11. The cup cometh! Really,.....I think this is our year. .