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  1. My bet is the remote control. Try switching out the battery first and then maybe clean the 'touch pads' on the inside of the remote. .
  2. Yeah! the hell??? .
  3. The cup cometh! Really,.....I think this is our year. .
  4. Jack, you might wanna invest in a helmet too. That's one hell of an anchor (especially if you take it in the head). .
  5. Hey Lef!! I personally like the feel of sun warmed carpet on my bare feet on a nice day. I guess you could say I'm dainty like that! .
  6. Let me be the first and take the honor of wishing you a happy birthday! Have an awesome day!!! .
  7. Lol!!! That picture brought back some stress!! Lol! Anyway, I can't express enough as to how mint it turned out. Fantastic job and many many thanks to you and Lisa! It look like new. I'm excited to take it out but I will be a little picky as to shoes in the boat! Lol!
  8. Yeah Cheeseman. It's in Isanti. .