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  1. Well, outfits like Marine General & Scotty @ Pike Lk. fit the pricing match and atmosphere... Gander has always just plain sucked, unless you want to overpay MSRP for Columbia and other 'designer' clothes, and twice as much as bargain joints for the basic sinkers/hooks/nets/paddles/etc... I think the only thing keeping them alive this long is gift cards from moms/grandmas/wives/etc. that think that's what the man in their life wants for a gift. Then this poor fuck has to go redeem a $25 or 50 card on a pair of socks and 10 hooks. GOOD RIDDANCE! They have been sucking money out of Outdoor Sports Budgets for YEARS. People will do more for less without them, and save their time laughing at the prices. It's bad some will lose jobs. But what kind of job was being a pimp for overpriced merchandise in an environment no one wants? I'll bet the BIG MOVERS & SHAKERS at Gander will do just fine with retirement packages. Those geniuses are the ones that blew it...offering mediocre gear at 150% markups from wholesale, and not caring about service or knowledge in depts. And they'll come out smelling the best.
  2. Jack, you need a paper mache' anchor.
  3. Electric Hand & thumb warmers on handlebars, below zero will only do so much for ya. Good Show! I'm riding Ely trails & lakes this weekend, or until the snow season melts. Watching Wild game, and getting my backpack ready for big loops around town in 30-40 temps Friday. Now, back to innovation corner....Brought to you by Rush, Coates & Coates thread, and Boxer light beer.
  4. Anyone going to the Boat Show...I'll put out a $10 Bounty to anyone that pinches Adam Clark's nipples on video. He'd probably enjoy it, and so will everyone else. An extra $10 if you have a M/F logo on. $10 MORE, if it makes it to the KBJR broadcast. This dork is part of the reason we're not allowed to get REAL weather forecasts from George Kessler anymore.
  5. I'm not surprised. Even with the 20% coupons they had on cases of Miller High Life, seasonal closeout sales, and any other offers.... To me they were always the Home of Overpriced mediocrity. And for service, the only person I ever ran into at one of their stores who knew more than I did; about what I needed was the electronics guru at the MQT store. Other than that, it's a tough market. And people shop where they feel like they're getting value...
  6. Darrel stunned us this morning with a Samsung VR headset. Can be dizzying, but tech leaps ahead of IMAX... I wondered about compatibility/feasibility of working with an I-phone 5, so did a bit of pricing & weeding on the web. Read this...
  7. Took the carb into Willman's yesterday. Guy said "That's so old, no body is gonna have a kit. Old outboard?" We chatted for a few minutes on cleaning tips & tricks. Those guys are GREAT. He said after cleaning the crap off & out of it with carb cleaner, to soak it for a few hours in Bleche White.(The tire cleaner...) Then rinse well in VERY hot water, and dry with air. Says it gets ancient buildups out that carb cleaner can't. It worked pretty well. I don't recognize it, and I walked it thru every step. Putting it back on the motor. Have a few more things to do before putting the flywheel & tank back on. Sometime this week, I'll mix up some 8:1 (yes. Champion owners manual says use 1 pint of 30W oil per gallon of gas.) Mixed gas that thick must be like cough syrup for a motor.
  8. There's No Place Like Home.
  9. It took about 20 minutes of combing through central sales, but I finally found a length of solid wire spark plug cord. Put the proper ends on it, and gave the motor a spin. Nothing. Stator plate has a stamp for point gap that says .018 It was way wider than that, so I took some fine sandpaper, dressed the points . Trimmed the point gap down to 18, gave it another spin, and I've got a good healthy blue spark. Probably pull this baby Tillotson carburetor tonight, and take it to Willman's in the morning looking for a kit for that! Gotta be easier than trying to hunt down 70-year-old electronics
  10. Researching this thing takes real boolean search creativity. LOTS of Champion spark plugs come up in searches. But here's a disappointing example of comparative value. This thing is not worth as much as I'd hoped...but still worth loving a bit, anyway. There is a 'working' 7.9hp 1948 unit for sale for less than $200. I need to find a collector to try to get more than a couple croakers out of this gig..., or find a personal use for this unit. Searches for more electrical info or parts are a chore filled with internet nonsense ads. Bob Mattson, the small engine guru in Ely, sold out to a goober that cleaned up the scrapyard, painted the building, and generally wrecked it as a useful place, and now sells new Honda outboards. Good luck, Buddy. I stopped in there hoping to talk to a guy that had seen most of it, and ended up with a commercial for Hondas.------ I'm not giving up hope of running this motor. But I now believe it's not worth more than $50 and some more hours to gamble on getting her to go. I've got phone numbers from lame websites for Twin City Outbord, and Discount Marine Parts in the Yoop. ( I know exactly where this place is. Drove by it every 3 weeks for 15 years on Hwy. 2 Escanaba area.) Never knew I might need them. Working the phone Monday.
  11. WDIO TV Duluth reporting at 10.27pm Thursday.... Alex Stalock, UMD goalie extroardinare, coming to Minnesota Wild for 1.3 mil, 2 years. Which allows the Wild to protect Dubnik in the Vegas expansion draft, somehow, under THE RULES.... Jolly Good Show. Let the Vegas franchise select Klumper. If they want to pay him. he's for sale. I have NOT read all the rules of this expansion. But I think it's odd to have 31 teams. I'm going daft trying to set up the math in my head to figure out how THAT schedule might play. The Wild, over the years have managed to dump large contracts to other dupe teams on such valuable players at Manny Fernandez, Marian Gaborik, Settogucci, Rolloson. Sergei Zholtok, before he keeled over;and others. Backstrom and Harding managed to pull millions out of there while 'injured' for years. Koivu is still the guy no other team wants to oppose. Granlund, Zucker. Stahl. Haula, Suter, Sturgeon.Go Wild! These guys CAN, and often DO, play very well against anybody. Your League-Leading Minnesota Wild! How often to you get to read that? gotta say, though, Neidereitter for Cal Clutterbuck (as much as I liked him...) was a nice swap, too.
  12. I've been sold on glow jigs for years. I played with the one fish I caught this winter for 2 hours before re-glowing my Demon_Glo with the Orange Hat finally got her to bite. She played with my presentations and graph all afternoon, so I thought I was in a hotspot on Fish Lk. But the glow was the bite trigger for a pregnant 23" Northern that was already GORGED on tiny bass. If they glow, I'll try 'em.
  13. No store has cash anymore because every jerkoff that wants a red bull or candy bar in front of me in line to pay cash has to use a plastic card to pay. I have money, and am willing to spend it if the price is right... But the new breed of American consumer assholes love to clog up the line, making everyone smart enough to carry actual money wait minutes for each E transaction to get okayed. And because the new generation that works at stores generally have no concept of making change off your croaker. This factual observation brought to you by Boxer Light Beer, Babe's Bait Ely. and common sense.
  14. Send everyone a map with a big red X on it by Thursday, please...
  15. No, but I got all the rodent turds, nesting, and more greasy grime off this weekend. Mostly used soapy water & a old toothbrush. Agent Orange Cleaner & even alcohol were taking off too much original chalky greasy paint. This goop was a combination of 90W gear lube/barn dust/mice/dirt/and something really evil that won't let go... From some of the stuff I read after finding more numbers all over this thing, this Bendix magneto is based on an Australian WWII aircraft APU. There was a TON of surplus, and Champion used them in a lot of single cylinder models for years. Good news: This is supposed to be the same coil that Mercury used in the same period. (thru the 50's & into the 60's). So a tune-up kit of new points/condenser might be possible. The rest of the stator plate, Tillotson carb, and rudimentary controls seem to be mint. My next testing will be to rig my old 12V timing light, the electric drill for an electric starter, and try for a spark. It'd be a 5 man job to try to hold/wind/pull rope while looking for a faint spark.