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  1. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    OK. Thanks. I'll take one also. I can make that work. Having the model # is gold, Jerry, GOLD! Call or text me. I live on the Duluth hillside, but could go to TH to pick one up this weekend. 218-391-8082 Cash OK?
  2. Minnesota WILD!

    Wild sign Virginia High School Poy Matt Cullen to 1 year, CHEAP 1 million contract for the 2017-18 season today. A guy with his name on the Cup 3 times can not hurt. This guy knows the game, in the NHL 20 years. When we got him last time, I thought he was way more respectable than Rolston, Gaborik, Vanek, Settogouchi, or any of those overpaid homos. Nutterbutter & Granlund just got big 5 mil re-sign contracts too. GO WILD!
  3. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    You try to google for images/dimensions/etc...and there are SEVERAL models. Which one are we getting? I'd be interested if it'd fit me.
  4. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Which model # are they? You have 2 of them?
  5. 1952 MINT condition Johnson 3 hp twin.

    I've had a few craigslist nibbles, but no biters. This month's firm price...$325
  6. Daily Randomness...

    They should have had a gallows onstage for Axl.
  7. Trolling motor battery

    I got a Duracell label deep cycle from Batteries + last year for about $110, with a $20 rebate. This thing weighs about 100#, but it has plenty of amps and no problems. Option B: get a $79 generator from Harbor Fright, and run it hooked to the batt/motor circuit while on longer portions of your trips around the lake. (I sometimes will troll with my Evinrude while running mine on the front boat deck to charge both boat batts on long weekends like Birch.)
  8. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    Want me to write you a 'companion animal' letter so you can take him anywhere pets aren't allowed? $1
  9. Steel Roofing Contractor.

    If it's something smaller that a crew of labor could do, I've got a sheet metal shear you can have. It's basically a corded electric drill that shears roofing fairly well. I did the sauna/outhouses/BIG shed at Ely with that corrugated Menard's panels. I could loan myself out for a few hours of gruntwork on gentle sloped roofing. Anyone else want to join the 'Habitat for Skunks' program?
  10. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    At least a dog that chubby should float pretty good.
  11. 1952 MINT condition Johnson 3 hp twin.

    The local CL ad link, posted tonight. Last call for the MF earlybird discount at $400, now that I know he runs nice.
  12. Photobucket Extortion / Broken Links

    Photobucket has always been painfully slow. And changing their buttons/pages/layout every month made them even more of a horror to use. But I posted a LOT of pics & vids here. All the magazine covers are gone? I spent hours on most of them. Fuck 'em
  13. 1952 MINT condition Johnson 3 hp twin.

    Put the 3 horse Johnson on my boat transom in place of the minnkota, and he started on the 2nd pull with choke. This little 65 year old motor runs really smooth. water pump spitting properly, too.
  14. 1952 MINT condition Johnson 3 hp twin.

    Testing pic from my laptop in Ely. I'll be riding this red sweetie around town tomorrow after fishing. Planning on trying the baby green Johnson on the transom of my boat sometime this weekend. I'm curious, and running can only confirm value...
  15. 1952 MINT condition Johnson 3 hp twin.

    Thanks for trying. I've got a couple things to try on pics. Update on the motor: I'm taking it to Ely this weekend to put it on my boat for an hour and give her a spin. The price is going up after I get video of him running smoothly.