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  1. I've got a blue one here in the backyard you can have for a GOOD HOME like that...swing by and pick it up. WILL TRADE FOR BEER You decide how much... (I think if you stay less than 10 feet long, you don't need a DNR boat tag for it.) But check the 'Good Book' of Boating on that one.
  2. The first trials went VERY well yesterday. Fueled the green bike, pedaled up the gently sloping alley, and popped the clutch. The damn thing sputtered to life with full choke. Figured out how to adjust carb mixture with fingers for a smoother idle, and started up 11th Ave E. The motor WILL climb this hill, but I quickly learned that pedaling with the motor assist on steep hills, or dead stop starts helps. Too much traffic and ugly terrain here, so I put it on a trunk-mount bike rack on my car and drove up to work. Parking lots up there much friendlier for learning the overly 'busy' handlebar controls. Once the bike is warmed up, the motor just starts on command as needed, like a hybrid car. It's not a rocket, but it does ride well. Looks pretty cool, and probably gets about 300 mpg. It got high marks from Darrel, Worty, Seabass, and Milo (who also took it for a spin). This thing is so much fun, I may sell it and start another one. Definitely going to assemble another one, Somehow the kits came down in price this month so I just ordered another for less than a Croaker. Supposed to be here by Tues May 2nd. That will give me time to strip down & paint the Raleigh bike I bought at the Continental Bike Swap yesterday for $40.
  3. Looks like it was worth the drive.
  4. Endura C2 30. At least I have some spare parts.
  5. I just bought my 3rd or 4th Minn-Kota 30# thrust trolling motor over the 17 years I've had this boat. I was gonna buy any other label, after my last one died in October drifting down the Kawasaki...the same day my Evinrude wanted to have balky fuel problems. After bruising my hand smacking the shit out of it (the troller, not the Evinrude) 117 times, (which WAS working sporadically) I switched to using my canoe paddle to bash it back to life a few more prop turns. And finished up with about 20 minutes of paddling UPcurrent to get back to my trailer. Glad I didn't break the paddle beating the dead motor. Mill's F&F had the Bottom of the line Endura C2 on sale for $99. So I bought another one. The girl that took my money was good enough to tell me there's a $10 rebate, too. If this thing doesn't last thru at least this season's warranty period, you'll see it in a firepit near me soon. After I cook most of the plastic off of it, I plan to use their $10 rebate to ship the charred remains back to them. How's THAT for a product testimonial? Brought to you by Juusto's Bike Sopp, Boxer Light Beer, and MidwestSportsmen.
  6. Yes. The 35 chain from motor to the left drive sprocket is a pretty low 1:5 gear ratio. Unless I want to make an oversized derailleur for 35 chain, and add a 3rd shifter to already crowded handlebars...which I really don't want to spend a lot of time on. I don't think there's enough width between the rear wheel forks to add any more 3/8" separated sprockets anyway. I don't mind pedaling a bike downhill or level. But 6-8 mph UP a hill=GOLD! I'll see how it goes. Option B might be to run a jackshaft across under the seat, similar to the proven purple bike.
  7. I'm sure the 4 stroke will be, with a 5 speed 'transmission' That one already does 30mph in 3rd gear. The green kit bike is limited to how fast you can pedal it....with a single low gear ratio for uphill assist on the left side of the rear wheel.
  8. Just took the purple bike for a ride. That thing is still a proven machine and fun to ride.
  9. Anyone want to be a test pilot? All the pics I'm trying to upload are "Failing upload". I suppose I'll have to try to figure out how to update or refresh the app The bike looks pretty good though. I think I'm going to mix some sweet break-in gas, and try to start this thing in the alley tomorrow if no rain. I've got all the normal bike cables to route/fasten, in addition to the electrical, clutch, throttle, and gas line to attach & secure. This thing is definitely going to need the supplied chainguard, but I'm having clearance issues fastening the rear end of THAT.
  10. Here's an ultralight minibike, free shipping, for about $400. Has possibilites, but also legal limitations for way-backwoods hunting... Just in the topic of off-road mudding. I'm almost thinking about this, as a powered bike collector/builder. 80cc is supposed to be under the size limit in Minn. to beat the insurance/tags/lights/endorsement crap/fees.
  11. After 2 days waiting for a reply to an Ebay 'feedback' e-mail, I got some crap back about..."Please sending pitcures so I am abling to make this most happiness, etc. So, I heated the thin 'chromed' pipe on the exhaust tuner to cherry red, and bent it about 10 more degrees inward. This makes the bike pedal cranks clear the motor/tuner/ on each revolution fairly well. I'm gonna go back & flame this gomer for a review as a seller. The ad makes it look like a kid, a grandpa in an apartment, etc., can put this together in a day. I have a good basic machine Sopp here, and I'm working harder than I thought. I like what's actually IN the kit, and the simplicity of the hardware/decent controls/cabling/fuel is worth the Croaker I spent. More real progress coming soon, this was a hurdle.
  12. My truck has tires that should get me anywhere nearby to pull you out of whatever you want to try. Where & when are you thinking? I might have a couple of hours after work or this weekend. 30 years ago in Dallas, I had a 351 Bronco II, with big 38" Gumbo Mudders, we used to go with a few other guys mudding real hard in Grapevine or down in the Trinity river levee flats downtown. Wasn't a good day unless you had 1/2" of at least 3 colors of mud covering your truck. Always good to have someone bigger than you with lots of chain. GOT CHAIN?
  13. Here is a roughed-out, subject to 'flex'(change) schedule of times/dates/ TV coverage for the NHL playoffs: Wild Wed night, 8:30, NBCSN
  14. I found that getting into AND back out of the doors on a Focus is an all day sucker, too. I probably would have never started a micro-job like that light circuit board. You did good, but wearing a headlamp at night would have worked for me...or, if the 'dope' light worked. I'm just happy when I can get into the car I have the keys & fob for.
  15. They really did a poor job of machining some of these parts, and shorted me at least a few. I made what I needed to, and spent a few bucks at the hardware store for some metric bolts and studs. Strip the brakes etc. off the bike, and painted her up. I think by Thursday, I can put a real set of handlebars on, and start adding the throttle clutch etc. handles and controls Thursday is hockey night in Minnesota!