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  1. For bike #2, I bought a 79cc 4 stroke motor on sale at Harbor Fright last winter. Been workSopping and amassing auxiliary parts, and was ready to start this one. (80cc is max engine size in Minnesota to beat requirements on license plate fees, M/C driver's license endorsement, insurance, etc...) While trying to decide on another centrifugal clutch or a baby belt-torque converter, I ran across THIS...looks pretty universal, with clutch/chains/tensioners/sprockets/speedo/etc. For about $125. I'll still build the other one, but I might also do this. I think a handy guy like myself should be able to do this in a week, instead of months.
  2. If there's any plugs/contacts/connectors, check them all twice. Wiggle them gently while an asst. works the buttons, looking for anything intermittent.
  3. If you just gotta get out & ride once more this year, Tofte/Gunflint has rideable snow according to your friends at the DNR.... Comstocker's Dad's antique Indy is fueled & ready in Ely, but I'm jammed up here in town for 2 weeks...
  4. Good ethics on trying. WELY personal & emergency messages every day has similar stuff. If you're human, it gives you a warm glow to return a wallet, do a jump start, etc.
  5. Something for everyone. Closing out stuff from lots of closed/abandoned projects & tinkering. Craftsman table jigsaw, $50. 4kw 4 stroke generator, $300. Snowblower, $175. Champion antique 4hp outboard, $175. Large air compressor, $100. 2 air conditioners, 40 & 80 $ Like new tire chains for 15" tires, $50 (100 new, 10 years ago). Car jacks, storage racks, clay target thrower, shotgun shells, 12g steel, lots of 16ga. Tools: Hand, electric, air. Bulk lots of lamp parts, light fixtures, fishing gear, handyman crap. At least 3 ice augers that all need a little love, or for parts. Ceramic tile cutter and small lots of tiles. Camping stuff, outdoor wear, tables/chairs/yard tools. Tire-rim firepits/squirrel chairs/whirlygigs. Hamm's Beer Motion bar scenery light. Miller High Life bar light. molson hockey scoreboard bar pool table light. Full cape mount of a Bighorn sheep, $150. Solid Mahogany James Bond dining table with internal and 2 drop leaves...(VERY nice furniture) $400 Small gas engines, electric motors, hobby steel/wood. Collectables, kitchenware, small home appliances. I'm sorting/pricing/cleaning this month. Hoping for a public date of April 15 or April 29, with weather. If you want a sneak peek to grab some deals, make an appointment to see the garage & 2 sheds. I've got the good stuff, baby! 218-391-808two
  6. Not sure about the date of the expansion draft for Vegas, but here's a complicated complete guide....
  7. Overnight from China, it's the latest action from the popular show, "ow, my balls!"
  8. The Grandpa Nolan Ryan plugs Robin Ventura in Arlington, Tx, 1993. I was at this game, going apeshit with the crowd. Nothing like a good old-fashioned hockey fight clearing the benches, but pretty good for baseball. 6 minutes are almost worth watching the flare-ups, but the first 20 seconds will give you the gist. For me, this is part of why you GO TO the game.
  9. Disaster strikes again. I mixed up some gas, and put a pint in the tank. Most of it ran out before I could figure out why. This thing leaked like a bad cartoon, from a few pinholes in the tank, every copper tube fitting, and several spots on the carb. I think she's totalled, except as a parts motor or an ornament.
  10. I had to postpone.You should have seen the sellout crowd rioting. The whole coil plate rotates about 90 degrees thru the arc of the one control lever for spark advance/fuel flow/start-fast-slow-stop. The spark plug wire I grafted in needs to be re-routed and probably a couple inches longer so it doesn't bind up in the spinning flywheel. I'm trial & error on where this needs to go...It's not as easy as replacing one that was actually there, and the pics/views aren't too clear. Probably Sunday at the latest.
  11. Getting ready to rub and slow cook a pork butt. I've tried to replicate the Nashville sandwich, but does anyone have a foolproof recipe? If it was another 50 degree weekend, I could slow smoke the fat out of this pig. But I'm still not thawed out enough to work a smoker below freezing temps.
  12. Howdy, Heywood! I was also thinking if it was a smoking deal, I might want to gamble on ice next year...
  13. After cleaning the sand as tank & fuel lines, I'm going to put her back together tonight during the Wild game. Wednesday about 6pm will be the BIG Unveiling, where we're scheduled to mix up a quart of 8:1, wrap the rope, and give her the GO in a 5 gal bucket. Free Admission, Refreshments available, Immediate Seating in the smoking section. (Club level suites reserved for Juusto Garage season ticket holders.)
  14. Well, outfits like Marine General & Scotty @ Pike Lk. fit the pricing match and atmosphere... Gander has always just plain sucked, unless you want to overpay MSRP for Columbia and other 'designer' clothes, and twice as much as bargain joints for the basic sinkers/hooks/nets/paddles/etc... I think the only thing keeping them alive this long is gift cards from moms/grandmas/wives/etc. that think that's what the man in their life wants for a gift. Then this poor fuck has to go redeem a $25 or 50 card on a pair of socks and 10 hooks. GOOD RIDDANCE! They have been sucking money out of Outdoor Sports Budgets for YEARS. People will do more for less without them, and save their time laughing at the prices. It's bad some will lose jobs. But what kind of job was being a pimp for overpriced merchandise in an environment no one wants? I'll bet the BIG MOVERS & SHAKERS at Gander will do just fine with retirement packages. Those geniuses are the ones that blew it...offering mediocre gear at 150% markups from wholesale, and not caring about service or knowledge in depts. And they'll come out smelling the best.
  15. Jack, you need a paper mache' anchor.