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  1. The bottom stop is there, but not strictly needed. The usual 1/2" standard conduit clamps grip the post tightly with drywall screws into the wood. The swivel feature is in the ball mount on the ceiling....after I ground off the little 'tooth' that's supposed to keep your fan from twirling. If anyone else needs parts for a similar, I've got a couple more fan mounts.
  2. Bought a $90, 24 inch flat screen for my garage. After trying two "universal" overpricedTV mounts that wouldn't work, even with drastic machining... I realized that most of my wall space is used anyway, so why not make something to hang it from the ceiling? (where I really want it, and won't get in the way of other stuff.) A ball socket from an old ceiling fan, 2 feet of half-inch conduit, wood scraps,and some screws got me going in 30 minutes. Why pay more, for less? And why can't these TV mount people standardize the way this crap hooks to any TV? Both mounts not only were nowhere near the small bolt pattern on the back of an LG tv, AND would have covered all the input jacks & power cord??? Instead of sitting on a shelf 15 feet away, the TV is now 4 feet from my usual work station, and gives the look of BIG screen Rotates as needed with no problems. My TV weighs 6 pounds...but this type of rig should take a 40" set. Any ceiling fan weighs 30 pounds or more.
  3. That looks really nice again. I had the pleasure of sitting in that tub a lot of hours while it depreciated. Nice restore. If you want an easier, do at home refit sometime before Easter: I could really use a set of white decal Viking logo horns for the sides of the bonnet of my Evinrude 25/28. looking for about 5" tall and 15" long, left and right sides. Will cover material & time costs. I have an 8" white M/F circle logo for the rear. Weathering has scorched my '93 dark blue OMC factory finish. I would love to use the last of my Purple enamel and re-do it this winter.
  4. BUMP...$300 cash
  5. BUMP... $150 or trade useful to me. What have you got?
  6. Here's an archival MinnowFace SALUTE! We all chipped in to get you a luxury fishing weekend, if we ever get ice that will support the weight of this rig. Happy Birthday Rush.
  7. Welcome aboard. We've had a MikeY for 10 years. You just got here, and you're already ahead of him (alphabetically).. Way to go!
  8. This is Meaty Urologist Juusto Mies with your local Holiday travel forecast, Live on the Santa Lookout Patrol at the E. Hillside OK corral. Brought to you by Leinenkugel's, Karma, and Babe's Bait Ely. Increasingly Shitty through Monday evening. Depending on how far you are from the Lake Superior Humidity & Heat Sink as the surrounding area cools and the rest of this low pressure storm front lingers...AND which side of the front you're on, expect horrible travel conditions, and icy everything from roads to power lines. Prepare like a Boy Scout planning for Everest. Good Luck. We're all counting on you. It's every man for hisself. The last thing anyone wants is a funeral. Use your head, please.---------------------------------------The whole problem with this clash of pressures/variable winds/geography is the 28-32 temps associated. Winter Storm Warning Issued: 8:52 PM CST Dec. 24, 2016 – National Weather Service ... Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from noon Sunday to noon CST Monday... * locations... Bigfork... the Iron Range cities... Cotton... and Duluth. * Timing... midday Christmas through midday Monday. * Ice accumulations... up to a quarter of an inch. * Snow accumulations... 2 to 4 inches. * Sustained winds... east 15 to 20 mph Christmas and Christmas night. West 20 to 30 mph on Monday. * Wind gusts... up to 40 mph. * Impacts... snow and ice accumulations will make many roads slick and hazardous... and travel could become dangerous Christmas evening into Monday. The weight of heavy wet snow and ice on tree limbs and power lines could produce numerous outages... and winds will likely lead to snapped power lines and falling tree branches that add to the danger. Precautionary/preparedness actions... A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow and wintry mixed precipitation means heavy accumulations of snow... sleet and freezing rain are expected. Expect extremely slippery and dangerous snow and ice covered roads. If you must travel... exercise extreme caution and allow extra time to reach your destination. Have a working cell phone in case you become stranded. Keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle... including a flashlight... food... and water. Prepare now for potential power outages that could last for longer than a few hours.
  9. Generous offer, Rex. What hoop do I have to jump through to win? Suggestion: The guy giving away the prize should have some input into the 'means & method' of deciding where it goes.
  10. Duluth Denfeld grad, running back CJ Ham activated by the Vikings for the Christmas eve game in GB Saturday, NOON FOX ch 21. Adrian Fumblefingers, the most overpaid, underachieving asshat in NFL History (since Hershel Walker...and/or Randy Moss) with 22 yards per fumble in a season decided he doesn't like to fail in front of a worldwide audience, so the one eyed lamebrain Zimmer called up the new kid from Duluth to battle the Packers in GB. I'm so happy I bet Dale $2 on the outcome. You go to watch.
  11. These guys are coming from behind to beat good teams on the road. The new coach looks like Fred Murtz, but has all cylinders firing. Klumper sucks less with actual goal scoring in front of him. The Dubinator speaks for himself. Pominville might as well change his name legally to 'Pominville just misses'...because all announcers have been saying that for years. He's got to be one of the most frustrated millionares in sports, because The worthless Adrian Peterson and Joe Mauer don't seem to care much. Other than that, it's a fun ride watching the Wild this season.
  12. I like it. Getting someone's attention IS faster if they say "hello", and you kick them in the nuts.
  13. I had my usual weekly issues with the crappy Century Link internet. Called them for the 2nd time this WEEK. Freaked out a bit, and demanded the customer retention dept. They offered me a 1/2 off price, faster speed, (which will take an outside service line upgrade on my phone DSL cable) for Next week. They also tried to tell me about a bundle with DirecTV, and transferred me to Bertha at Dtv...the best human ever there. After telling her my tale of woe about getting screwed just for being a longtime buyer instead of eligible to take advantage of the several offers I get mailed every month as a NEW customer, she chopped $40 off my monthly bill for a year with no commitment, and free everything movies for 6 months. All in all, maybe this nonsense will work better, at a real savings to me of about $70 a month.
  14. That looks like a good storebought option. For ice fishing, I use the smallest metal coffee can, with plastic sealable lid for COLD temps. (you can put it on your heater now and then to thaw the slush). For warmer ice fishing, use any plastic peanut butter type jar with screw-on lid. Change fresh water as needed. Get them at any recycle bin free.