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  1. If electric isn't pushing that heavyweight table around the lake fast enough, I might make you a deal on this cute little 48 Johnson I just caught a great deal on at a garage sale in Ely
  2. Wow! That cat looks real. Nice printer.
  3. If you feel like sanding down the black one, I'll even splurge on a case of Leinie's. Blue Bike just got his first coat. My 2 new black motor kits arrived today.
  4. OMC. Oink/Moo/Cluck. about19th west and Superior St., Duluth. Their St. Louis ribs are pretty damn good. 2 really good side dishes included for $24 a full rack. But you'll get 2 meals out of it. I thought about telling them that Bombardier/Outboard Marine Corporation might not like their using OMC as a trade name, but the food was so good; and the place was so clean I didn't want to risk harshing that scene...
  5. Big Fun at Bike Night tonight. Starting on the blue bike, Serial number three. Went to the dump today, and got two bikes that don't look like much now, but have valuable parts to go with the two motors I have ordered for Wednesday delivery. Can't pay much more than free beer and laughs, but I could use a guy to strip paint and decals off the frames for me, if anyone wants to sign up for the internship program here.
  6. It's official. The green bike is sold I rode him across Ely this afternoon to deliver him to Zup's store. Have a guy from Cass Lake coming to town on Monday to look at the red one. I ordered two more motor kits in black Matte finish to snaz up the next production run of two bikes.
  7. Sold the green bike yesterday to Jimmy Z when I rode it from Sarah's Ely house to Zup's for a few groceries. I'll have to order another motor kit to get another one into production...
  8. Howdy, greg.
  9. I've got the antique Shakespeare 1960's model. WORKS on my boat, which is fairly heavy. Nice retro look from the Monkey Ward's catalog? Yours for some beer. I'd have to look pretty hard for a pic. It's at the cabin in Ely, if you can wait a couple weeks; I'll bring it to Birch.
  10. It still needs a few tweaks, and brake adjustment. But some sunny day this week, I'm going to fuel and test drive this thing in the alley. My CL bike marketing ad: we'll see who comes out of the woodwork, interested.
  11. I feel your pain. My tale of woe with the fucktards at CenturyLInk are listed here, too. Not only do I know how you feel, but I know the dorks you dealt with feel the same as my dorks. Get even with them, next time some poor jerkoff calls you and tries to telemarket their service. THAT's GOLD!
  12. The weather looks pretty wet. I won't really know my schedule till Tuesday or so. Call me when you're ready, we can work it out. 218 391 808 two
  13. I should be home tuesday evening....might head back to Ely Wed after work, though.
  14. Looks like the high end version of Barker's Island area, and much bigger. Nice resolution on the drone cam.
  15. As soon as I finish & set up bike #3 (the red one), I'm putting on on the market. My target price for one that is ready to fly & fueled is $400. Get in on the ground floor for a deal. These things are pretty fun get around town-short trips to the store rides.