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  1. Me too im going about 1/130 pm or so. interested in a bow mount trolling motor. nothing on craig' s list now .
  2. Chadwick do you still have the anchor?
  3. interested in the anchor. three 4 0- zero 325. (my old one has some skin on it) call or text me your number. thanks Jack
  4. Happy belated birthday Rush i hope you had a great day.
  5. Hi Rich  Iam contacting you here I got a request to friend you on face book today. the picture has changed to a hat and patch. and also has different friend then the original. just wondering if its you.?  Happy new year buddy hope to see you on the ice.  

    1. RichSmith


      Yes, that is me, It is from my phone.


    2. grandpajack


      ok got it


  6. correct i always go the week after.
  7. just made my reservation for white face camp ground for my 18 to the 21. got my favorite site. # 9 im also getting site 50 for the month of June
  8. Merry Christmas to you and your family Tom. 

    1. fishesforskunks


      A Very Merry Christmas to you and your family Jack. 

  9. Thanks for the tip Fish i just ordered the 30 oz. from fish USA. coming snail mail.
  10. neat. have to look at them my self
  11. Home Depot has them. I bought a rigid 169.00 only because they guarantee the batteries and drills for life. came with drill and hammer drill 2 batteries and charger. 20 volt s they have more power full one for more cash.
  12. sold!
  13. 92 Yamaha Venture 2 up seats reverse front and rear hand runs good 4x10 trailer spare tire cover and jack to lift track off ground for storage, 700.00 for all 218 340 0325 Jack
  14. sold !
  15. ok i will be up fri for work