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  1. The spanner wrench is offered in some rebuild kits and are fairly inexpensive.
  2. Trolling motor battery

    Don't use a cranking battery. It'll be ruined if you do. A dual purpose battery is better, but anything Dual purpose doesn't excel at anything. Get yourself a group 27 Deep Cycle 115 Ah battery. You can find the Exide on sale at Menards or Napa. Without arguing about "who makes the best battery" I'll just say your not going to over pay getting the Exide and its going to do what a battery twice its price will do and its lifetime will last just as long. Running your electric at full is going to eat into the batteries storage capacity. You can only push a barge so fast because of its resistance, the harder you push it the more it pushes back. If you went half throttle, your battery will last twice as long and you speed not much slower then WOT but that motor will need the Maximizer. Besides pushing the picnic table wind is your enemy but can be your friend with it at your back and returning to home. Sort of related to this thread, did you see the story of that girl sitting on a floaty at Island lake and her foot was ripped wide open by something lurking underwater. I'm thinking makeshift "shark cage" out of chicken wire for the bottom of your float.
  3. Google 12V 50A PWM speed control . You'll have to get creative on sealing from the weather. Or buy a used trolling motor w/Maximixer
  4. Floating Picnic Table

    Its all fun and games till someone feels a weed touch their leg.
  5. "I think she's Totaled" , Jerry. All fixable. I keep a small outboard tank with hose and primer bulb around for situations like this for a temp fuel source and testing purposes. 1st the fuel leak in the carb. Improper float height, bad inlet valve(needle & seat), or maybe bad gasket(s). Or all of the above. At least pull the spark plug, give it 2 tsp of gas and see if she wakes up.
  6. Like the AMC Matador, there isn't any cult group for Champion Outboards. But for someone collecting old outboards I think they'd want it. Keep up the fight.
  7. I think the weight is going to kill some of the action. Normally those would be stamped steel and the drop would flutter, wobble, or slip off to the side. I see these as a fast drop. But they might fill a niche for deeper water when line resistance slows the drop or tipped with a minnow. Or to downsize your lure as an example, take a Swedish pimple and compare that to a JB Go Devil. Similar but whats different is rate of drop. The JB is heavier, you loose some action but you can downsize and still be fishable at greater depths. It would also be an alternative to a lead head jig which is pretty much just a vertical presentation.
  8. Fell into one of youtube rabbit holes. Went from ice auger to Lion/hyena fights. Any progress on the coil?
  9. Well just a visit to this thread and to tip a beer at an early hour to see a comrade with common interests. What a merry time it is. Back to ACDC and playboy bunnies. Whoa bunny, whoa......................cya.
  10. Happy to help. I don't get into town very often and when I do I have to resist leaving before my errands are done. That old outboard is in your possession for a reason and glad it landed in your lap and not mine. You have to bring it back to life, if not its a piece of history gone forever. If this thing should give up it's parts to save others, well thats noble to. A garage with a project and beer is a happy happy place. In spirit "I'm already there Jerry"
  11. Go there and save all the pages. Page 12 will show your the mag, connector and wire. 1J and 1K/pg2_zpsedf6347a.jpg.html

    Happy Birthday Rush.