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  1. Daily Randomness...

    GNR rocks and so does satellite radio!
  2. my addiction

    I just ran across this thread. one of my all time favorites. If you have not read this before, if you are a deer hunter, I recomend grabbing a beverage and starting at the beginning. it was a great season. one of many to follow...
  3. Dead Cat photo contest...

    Ha! It's still here, minus a bunch of quality photos
  4. Propane Price Gouging

    Get ready for more of the same bullshit as last year. The pipeline warned us of this in march when the loosened up the choke hold a litre. There is plenty of supply. Part of the problem is there are two pipelines heading to Texas. One ships product down and the other that usually supplies this area with propane was making more money piping stuff up to the oil fields in north Dakota. They will do more of the same this heating season. I tell you, If I were king.....Dont get me started
  5. berries

    I was mowing some tall ferns in an area near the cabin and saw more plants just loaded. Its not to late
  6. berries

    Is there already a topic started for berry picking? If so I appollogize just wanted to give a heads up. The berries are insane this year. If you have local spots to go, get out there! It will never be better than this year! Have fun
  7. Why I carry- Article

    I got my cc card last summer. My wife wanted to do the same, so when I saw the sportsmans club was offering the course I told her and she quickly signed up. Telling her parents about this, they both agreed it would be a good idea for them to take the course as well. In their mid 70's they were the oldest people in the class. They have all passed the classroom and the range requirements and now are self protecting citizens!
  8. My doe mount

    this may or may not make you feel better Rush, but years ago, Mogy shot a dandy 8 point buck at my brothers place. the buck didn't die right away, so he kept shooting til it lay still. he was pretty young at the time and wasn't taking any chances I guess. when I arrived at the scene of the crime, he was still standing over the body clutching his weapon, visibly shaking. a shot in the chest, the first shot, would have been plenty, but another to the torso, and two more in the face , and the buck cried "uncle" and expired. calling a taxidermist in the area, I explained to him about my kids buck and that it wasn't in the best of shape. two holes in the face etc. he said bring it in and I'll look at it. I told the guy that my dad had just shot a buck a day later that we could use the cape for if this one wasn't useable. He looked it over and assured us that he could make repairs on the holes and it wouldn't look any worse that a minor battle scar. he said he have it done by April. april came and went and we never heard from him. then may then June, so I called him. He informed me that he hadn't had time and wasn't sure when / if he'd be able to get to it. WTF! I called another guy we knew who told me he could have it finished in three weeks. I went to the taxidermist and demanded the cape. I was pissed and he knew it. I think he thought I was going to punch him. he kept his distance. I offered to buy the mannequin that he bought for it. After I got it to the other taxidermist, he called me to let me know he had figured out why the mount hadn't been completed. to fix bullet holes, they cut a football shaped hole and then gently draw the opening shut with stiches from the inside. he had cut the face holes to big making repair impossible. that is what really set me off. Putz, with no intentions of mounting his buck, discarded the cape. it was gone. So, if numbnutz, taxidermist number one, had thought it possible that we couldn't use the original cape, we could have at least mounted the deer with my sons grandfathers cape. instead, we ended up buying another cape from who knows where for another $100. pleased with the final outcome, but completely disappointed in this so called taxidermist and the way he circle jerked us around. I understand shit happens, but he never attempted to explain "the rest of the story" fuck him. I hope he has had a serious run of bad luck since then and for about the next twenty years.
  9. Minnesota WILD 2013-14 season -

    Atta kapoikas yom kipurs!
  10. Block heater

    look on you tube for installing a block heater. it's pretty easy to do, but you have to use the recommended frost plug location and the correct position for the block heater to sit in the block, ie. 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock etc. in my humble opinion, a block heater is by far the best unit to install on your engine to aid in cold weather starting. even big diesel engines start like they were just shut off. I've done quite a few. the most recent, I did at muzzle loader camp while it was -17 dgrees. I had to shovel away 2 feet of snow and drain the radiator into a bucket. then I crawled under on a blue tarp and knocked out the frost plug, which was on the passenger side, in front of the starter on my 96 f-250 with the 351 engine. then I carefully placed the plug in the correct position and even more carefully tightened the center tightening bolt. you need to be careful not to strip that deal or your in trouble. look it all over before you start, clean your frost plug hole so its dry upon installation and go for it. it's not that difficult. Good luck!
  11. keep a bottle in the ice house, or the garage, or behind the ice house, or behind the garage http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWks4qtrESbtEvrTy0Qt9mQ?v=ZKLnhuzh9uY >http://youtu.be/ZKLnhuzh9uY
  12. List

    good stuff.
  13. wanted-maRCUM OR HUMMINBIRD Flasher-CLOSED

    Nunnu, I have a 55 I'd sell. I'm going back to another vex. I really only want $350 for it so I'll say $500 and let me work your magic on me.
  14. Honda generator..HOLY SHIT!!

    sOMEBODY GRAB THIS! http://duluth.craigslist.org/for/3444013222.html