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    fishing and ice fishing. buying and selling beater boats
  1. if they are not gone by the time I come back up on MArch 11, I will take them
  2. damn. I missed out !
  3. Wow, I just read through the whole rebuild. I am truely impressed with your skills. great looking boat.
  4. just another day in the life of those who shop Walmart and consider it a safe haven for whatever. yuk
  5. So I had a lb of thick cut bacon in the fridge that I needed to cook soon and I thought I wanted something sturdy but somewhat healthy. This is what I created. 1lb bacon, 1 lb hamburger, 1 can of Vegatarian Bush Beans, 1 can of black beans, 1 can of Butter Beans, 1 can of Great Northern Beans, 2 cans sliced potatoes, Few squirts of Ketchup, Few quirts of Valdenia Onion Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and a Few squirts of Sweet Baby Rays Sweet and Sassy BBQ sauce. Just fry up Bacon and burger separately. In the meantime, get out the soup kettle and pour in the beans and potatos- do not drain any can juice, cook on low heat and add the burger next, stirring as you go, then add the bacon( kind of crispy), turn up heat a bit but not to boiling, stir it all up and then add Ketchup, and BBQ sauces, continue stirring, check to see if potato are warm, if is, turn temp to low, cover and let simmer for an hour. enjoy with crackers, shredded cheese and a Nordeast or similar. Turned out great, I think I may bring this with on future fishin trips. Could easily adapt with adding veggies to pot too( jalapeno's, peppers, celery etc, pre cook and just warm up
  6. welcome finn jr. what is your favorite fish to seek ?
  7. great review. thanks
  8. looks like Cabela's sells them
  9. looks like a sweeet machine
  10. shower stall sold
  11. still have Marine Plywood- $15.00 per piece or $50.00 for all. 3/4" = 21 x 53, 27 x 52, 42 x 48, 44 x 48, 46 x 48. 1/2" 45.6 x 43.6 32" shower stall-New- includes base $25.00 Ski Skins for a snowmobile so the runners do not cut up wood deck - $25.00 Otter Wilderness 2 man ice fishing hut, pull over type $150.00 218-341-6498
  12. back in town now,
  13. log bed sold and fish house is a pending sale I do have a 32" brand new shower stall for $25.00
  14. 2nd log bed for sale $50.00 Full size queen 218-341-6498 sorry no pics
  15. I alos have 2 male cats, fixed, de-clawed, rabie shots, licensed in Cloquet that need to go to new home, I have litter box, 2 tubs litter and big bag of Purins cat chow. cats are scared of people untill they get to know you. good at killing mice outside, some birds and even a squirrel a couple times. i will deliver. call me if you can help me. otherwise I will have to take to shelter. 218-341-6498