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  1. Coates Ice Fishing Show this weekend

    Black Bear Casino is hosting the Coates RV Ice Fishing Show this weekend. Dennie and I are going to go check it out Friday afternoon when it opens, should be there about 12:30pm. Don't expect much other than houses, but who knows!
  2. Trolling motor battery

    Wondering who has opinions about deep cycle trolling motor batteries, no starting just for the trolling motor. Rather not spend a ton, but I'm looking for something that will power a 40lb thrust motor running almost wide open the longest. The pictoon is killing my six year old dual purpose Exide in about two hours. Go!
  3. I've found a few 12V 60A PWN speed control units for about $15, I could only find one 50A. Bigger is always better right? I think I'll just to Menards and get a plastic outdoor box to mount it in and screw it to the underside of the table near the battery. I'll make sure the switch says it goes to eleven, cause that's better than ten! Another redneck modification to an already redneck build! Thanks magellan!
  4. After several weekends running the Pictoon it became obvious there was an issue with the used 40 lb thrust MinnKota I bought. I took the bottom of the motor apart and found it full of water and everything corroded and the bearings gone. Now I know why the battery life was so short! i have a good motor and shaft off a newer remote control bowmount Minn Kota 48 lb thrust with fried electronics and it will fit on the older head unit, but it only has two wires heading down to the motor. The old motor also had a yellow and white wire. The yellow and white must have connected to a rheostat buried in the bottom of old motor to control speeds. If I hook up the power wires from the newer shaft to the old head unit I get wide open forward on five forward setting on the handle and wide open reverse on three reverse setting. None of the slower speeds work. Can I just add a D.C. PWM controller in line on the red and black wires heading down to the motor to handle speed control? Any ideas on what to use and how to make it water tight?
  5. 1952 MINT condition Johnson 3 hp twin.

    Cheese, here's the pic you posted on my picnic table thread
  6. Floating Picnic Table

    Finally found time to get back to this project, which is a good thing since I wanted it for the July 4th week! Boards all cut and screwed down Got everything sanded so you won't snag your swimming trunks! Used some PVC to fab up the umbrella mount, added an eye bolt so that the umbrella can't pull up and fly away during a ride. Simple battery mount with a spacer board to hold the battery to the back of the tray. I still need to add a couple eye bolts and a bungee strap to hold the battery down in the tray. Added a little transom board to push the motor another inch backwards for foot clearance. If you look close you can see the U bracket screwed to the bottom of the table top to run the trolling motor wires through so they don't hang down in the way of anything. Sealed all the bung holes with some marine goop to keep her floating nicely. Finished project ready for the water! I used ratchet straps to attach the barrels, screwed them into the frame with construction screws and fender washers to hold the hooks in place. This way I can remove the barrels easily if needed It will hit the water this weekend. If my calculations are decent I should be able to haul six large adults around on it and still have the barrels about half way in the water. We'll find out how good my Grain Belt math is!
  7. Bent Paddle Kanu-AMAZING

    How does it compare to Castle Danger Summer Crush? We sure do have some good beer being brewed in the area!
  8. Thought I'd start a separate thread for the build, away from the Wanted Ads! I still have lots of work to do, but here's the basic layout so far. If I build another one I don't know if I would use pressure treated lumber again as it's adding a lot of weight. We'll see how it floats and how many people it will carry! Start with six 55 gallon plastic barrels Add a frame to keep them all in place, and provide support for benches and tabletop. Lay out your deck boards. I'm going to build a section in the front to hold a couple small coolers. The trolling motor will mount in the back on the 2 x 6 and I'll build a tray back there for the battery box. Add an appropriate umbrella! I still have to build the center support and raise the umbrella about a foot. Don't want it too high, just high enough so that it will touch the table when it is closed.
  9. Transom mount trolling motor

    Sure, I'd be interested in anything that works!
  10. Transom mount trolling motor

    The free trolling motor deal for my floating picnic table fell through, apparently the guy already gave the motor away and forgot! Looking for a transom mount 30 lb thrust minimum trolling motor, hoping to get a deal on a used one but I'll buy new if I have to. If you've seen a good deal on a new one let me know as well! Construction has started! And yes, I'll re-arrange the barrels so the blues are both in the middle!
  11. Gander mountain done

    I was there earlier in the week. Seemed to me they marked everything at full price then starting giving discounts off that. I didn't see any really good deals yet.
  12. Wanted: 4 plastic barrels

    I ended up acquiring four white barrels while in the Twin Cities yesterday so I'm set for barrels, no need to bring the one home from Ely. I've got a couple other projects that need to be finished up this week, I'm hoping to start on the table next week. I'll start a project thread so you can all build your own tables as well! Thanks!
  13. Wanted: 4 plastic barrels

    Cheeser, I'm interested in the barrels. I've got a line on a couple others as well so that would get me to four. Going for a look similar to this one, with the addition of the trolling motor.
  14. Wanted: 4 plastic barrels

    I'm looking for four 55 gallon plastic barrels, either blue or white, that don't have the remove-able tops. I'm going to build an electric trolling motor powered floating picnic table. I'm hoping I don't have to pay $25 per barrel, let me know if you have any you don't need! Thanks!
  15. Trail explorer

    Added another Isuzu to the vehicle fleet, this one has a small lift, aftermarket torsion bars, and a bunch of other bolt-on goodies. If anyone wants to do any trail exploring in the area let me know, I'd like to take it out and have some fun!