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  1. A note from Your King!

    Wish the best to you Jack.
  2. The race track around event contest central should be in great shape for high speeds. Banking will be provided by snow build up.
  3. Those Roses are georgous, didn't come from the RoseMan.
  4. Minnesota WILD!

    I have to admit, they are not worth the salary's that are being paid.
  5. Marcum Technologies

    Got to love snail mail.
  6. So last year my flasher finally quit after 8 years or so of trusted service. I decided to go to Marcums website and noticed they had flasher tune up for $79.99, postage for $7.99. I thought what the hell, added to my cart. I went to the USPS branch and sent it out. Well 10 days later it is home working like it should, they also replaced the transducer with a new one. LX5 is back baby!
  7. The Auger Decision

    I have been an Eskimo auger man for years, loved the Maco. Your in good shape.
  8. Daily Randomness...

    Who's the dork now?
  9. Happy Birthday Rush!!!!

    Happy B-Day, from Cindy & I.
  10. 1996 Dodge Intrepid

    New price, $1000.00.
  11. Happy Birthday Hatch!

    Thanks All, It was a great day!
  12. Funnel Cakes! Nom!

    Looks Good!
  13. 1996 Dodge Intrepid

    $1200.00, great winter car. New tires, brakes, body fair, runs mint. 114,000 miles. Two18.3four9.3one49.
  14. Minnesota WILD!

    We enjoyed 80 degree weather at the 1st home game this year. That was without getting on a plane and flying to the burning state Cali.