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  1. meat in the freezer, Scroungies first deer with a bow!

    Thats awesome! Nice work!
  2. Not saying your buddy did this, but a reminder for everyone. One of the big reasons this happens is running bolts into the transom and not sealing the screw or bolts with a silicone. So if anyone has installed their own transducers or bolt on motors remember the silicone.
  3. Thorne Bros. Rod

    If you buy one of those green hard cases from Gander. Take some tape and put it around the edge of the PVC pipe that is showing inside the case. Otherwise when you put your rod in the line will rub against that edge and fray or break.
  4. Thorne Bros. Rod

    I have the 28in med walleye one. It’s a little stiff for small walleyes but for nice size fish it’s awesome! Very sensitive, you defiantly get what you pay for. Their 36inch professional plus rods are perfect for lake trout fishing. They have a soft tip but lots of backbone for the hook set. With these rods, you want to invest in a nice hard case. They are 100% solid graphite and will snap if stepped on.
  5. Two headed buck shot in Texas

    I dont think that this would be a deer I would want to eat.
  6. 2010 Rifle Season!!!

    Good luck everyone!
  7. 2010 Trail Cam Pics

    Heywood, any pictures yet? Nothing but a couple Does and Wolves for us so far.
  8. Monsters of 2009!

    Wow! What did they score?
  9. 2010 Trail Cam Pics

    No I have no clue who he is. Bdog has a picture of a guy walking by his camera drinking a beer. You see all kind of wierd things in the Duluth woods.
  10. Propane Tank question

    A big :thumleft: to Johnny for being honest about over charging you.
  11. 2010 Trail Cam Pics

    Looks like he has brand new brown leather boots on. I am thinking he spotted the camera and started running. He is looking right at it. This one is also from the Duluth woods.
  12. 2010 Trail Cam Pics

    A weird one.
  13. 2010 Trail Cam Pics

    I was also wondering if it could be a Grey Wolf.
  14. 2010 Trail Cam Pics

    When you flip back and forth between the smaller doe and the wolf/coyote picture in a slide show, you can see the wolfs back is half way up the side of the doe. If im not mistaking my average size black lab can walk under a deer. That is why I am guessing its a wolf also. That fern is just about up to my waste, I'm 5'10". Not sure if that helps at all?
  15. 2010 Trail Cam Pics

    Here are a few intresting ones from the mall area. Look at the times of the photos. Also you can compare the height of the wolf (or coyote) to the doe walking down the same trail.