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  1. Steel Roofing Contractor.

    Very kind of you for the offer Cheeseman. It's only a four-twelve pitch roof, but there are a couple things I think best left to a contractor. Have made a few calls, but continue to seek advice. Thanks again.
  2. Steel Roofing Contractor.

    Anyone have recommendations for someone to finish installing a metal roof on my house. Good or bad. Half the roof is done but need to finish. Thanks.
  3. Hydro Dipped Boat Prop

    Too Awesome. You continue to amaze me.

    Very sad indeed. I hoped after seeing the post that it might be a hoax. Can anyone confirm yet?
  5. Surprise

    Got a real nice surprise in the mailbox today. Thank you Rush. They look and work awesome.
  6. Seems odd to me

    I know one reason I'm tying hair on Tungsten is because they are going to state where lead is banned from fishing tackle. It looks more and more like lead tackle has a limited future. There has been several attempts already in MN. Maybe not in the next four years, but over the long haul. Also see an advantage when fall bobber fishing for roaming schools. There is also the size factor as Rush says.
  7. New glows...

    Those look great Rex.
  8. Worth a giveaway?

    Has there ever been a fisherman who was not interested in more tackle? I for one would accept more. In fact, great idea Rex. I would be willing to donate some jigs as well.
  9. Merry Christmas to you and your family Tom. 

    1. fishesforskunks


      A Very Merry Christmas to you and your family Jack. 

  10. GenieJar Cipher Live Bait Container

    For anyone thinking of ordering the GenieJar, I found a great deal on them. Fishusa has the 30 oz jar for $17.99. So I ordered one.
  11. GenieJar Cipher Live Bait Container

    Following this. Interested in finding out if the 17 oz. is big enough or if one should purchase the 30 oz. Looks like you could only transport 1/2 doz minnows for any length of time. Looking forward to reviews.
  12. Glitter jigs

    Very nice. Found a new one for my signature=
  13. Skunky's Crappie Jigs

    For those interested, I now have ready to paint and/or tie in your favorite colors a batch of 75 CK imitation jigs in tungsten. In the first photo, The red and orange are 1/100th oz, the upper White and Chartreuse are 1/80th and the lower ones are tungsten. I do not know the weight difference just yet, but figure 40% heavier. Millimeter scale coming this week so will have exact figures.