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  1. what is your price range, ill keep an eye out as there are lots on the internet. you can also find new fl8s around 229 - 249. just checked craigslist, fl8 posted today 150 bucks no charger
  2. happy birthday Rush
  3. are those new seats or did you recover them also
  4. mn opener is may 13th
  5. my ipilot remote was worn out and needed a new cover as over 5 years using it the buttons were shot. it still worked but the cover was shot, so i emailed them and they sent me the link as to parts they had and i ordered a new cover. well it arrived today and it is the exact one i have yay. my only bitch is it was a 12.00 part and they charged 11 to ship it. if i bought a new one there 149 at fleet farm so at least i saved a ton of dollars. thank you minnkota
  6. i saw outdoor advantage had nils auger and tanaka head looked like 599.00 seems like a steal if it is correct.
  7. i think thy are only on the elite 5 or hook models
  8. i bought one a week ago and have it installed but have yet to get it on the water. played with it this afternoon and its really quite easy so far. now to get it on the water tuesday at lake andrusia. heading up tuesday morning for a fall walleye crappie hunt. hopefully weather is good and with this thing i can really check out the lake. not that i dont already know it but great electronics might help make a difference. will give a report when i get back.
  9. when you coming back, need to drown some minnows
  10. nice fish
  11. i reccomend genes in cloquet. although he has never done engine work for me he is reputable and honest.
  12. looks like gp jacks
  13. try some jb carb cleaner and fresh gas