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  1. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    yay a new bud
  2. rod tip repair

    ok just thot if you were in a hurry
  3. rod tip repair

    outdoor advantage did mine a few years ago on my fenwick. he has them behind the counter
  4. Gas Price Watch-Updated Regularly

    i saw 212 at at murphy in cloquet yesterday
  5. Colorado mountain turkey

  6. Happy Birthday, Nunnu


    rip spook met him at the liquor store when i was working there and told him about the funky group of fisherman called mfs, he joined and rocked the place. was never a dull moment. great guy and he will be missed.
  8. Minnkota Co-Pilot

    maybe faulty controller, or just that 1 button. i have i pilot and wore out the cover on hand control and certain functions wouldnt wotk. got replacement cover from minn kota and seems to be fine but am waiting till i get boat out for 1st real test
  9. Near new Baffin Pac Boots- SOLD

    hell id buy em ifn they were my size
  10. Daily Randomness...

    nothing special at the boat show but ifound a loomis 7 ft ulta light 2 piece i really liked but didnt buy it
  11. Daily Randomness...

    kiwannis last chance contest on fish lake saturday 1200 till 300
  12. Daily Randomness...

    still recouping from surgery but doing ok, tomorrow going to the boat show for something to do, need to get out fishing. buddy of mine at low yesterday said they had their 2 limits in 5 hours. hope to go next week.
  13. wanted marcum or vexilar

    what is your price range, ill keep an eye out as there are lots on the internet. you can also find new fl8s around 229 - 249. just checked craigslist, fl8 posted today 150 bucks no charger