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  1. sold
  2. Thanks!
  3. I'll spend my money at M.G, fishie corner or chalstroms before I go to gander. being a small business owner I'd much rather my money go to supporting a small family run business than a giant corporation. Good luck bringing a broken or glitching flasher or fishfinder back to Gander and getting any sort of helpful feed back. I'm with feathers. Gander used to be great 15 -20 years ago. not so much anymore. It's no surprise to me they are filing bankruptcy, again.
  4. Is says there was a problem uploading file. -200
  5. Sorry guys looking to get 450$ Sorry site won't let me upload pics. Comes with a sled cover
  6. Owned this 2 years. In great shape except one small tear. Don't have the room to store it and didn't use it more than 3-4x this year.
  7. All sold except bumpers
  8. hasn't gander filled for bankruptcy several times in the past?
  9. 12 lb digger anchor in great shape w 60-70 feet of rope. 50$ 2 large boat bumpers 10$ for both 4 Stearns adult life jackets in excelent condition. 40$
  10. Sold!
  11. Gone thanks
  12. Want 20$ to get it out of my garage. I have so much SHIT i about die moving it all 2x a year.
  13. Jiffy pro-4 lite. I used this auger for 1 1/2 seasons. I haven't run it this year because I bought a new one but it started up in a couple of pulls. It Revved up great. last year I had a problem keeping it running after drilling 30 or so consecutive holes on my last trip or two out, but I think that a carb cleaning or a slight tuning of the throttle would fix that. I just never got to it, otherwise this auger is in great shape. I'm Also throwing in a spare blade set. Located in Duluth, I'd like to get 200 for it.
  14. 57 rounds of coreloct 170gr 30-30 ammo. No longer have a 30-30. 20$ firm
  15. 200$