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  1. Combine. 50% soy sauce about 1/2-3/4 cup 50% soy vay terriaki sauce about 1/2-3/4 cup 1 bunch diced green onions 1 tbs diced garlic 1 squirt yellow mustard 1 cup brown sugar slice salmon into 2.5 inch wide strips, marinade for 12-24 hours place skin side down on hot grill, skin will burn to the grill but fish will come right off with a spatula enjoy.
  2. I have a Savage 116 w accutrigger in stainless for sale. Paid 640 for it would like to get 400 Used on two hunting trips had about 100 rounds put through it.
  3. sold
  4. Thanks!
  5. I'll spend my money at M.G, fishie corner or chalstroms before I go to gander. being a small business owner I'd much rather my money go to supporting a small family run business than a giant corporation. Good luck bringing a broken or glitching flasher or fishfinder back to Gander and getting any sort of helpful feed back. I'm with feathers. Gander used to be great 15 -20 years ago. not so much anymore. It's no surprise to me they are filing bankruptcy, again.
  6. Is says there was a problem uploading file. -200
  7. Sorry guys looking to get 450$ Sorry site won't let me upload pics. Comes with a sled cover
  8. Owned this 2 years. In great shape except one small tear. Don't have the room to store it and didn't use it more than 3-4x this year.
  9. All sold except bumpers
  10. hasn't gander filled for bankruptcy several times in the past?
  11. 12 lb digger anchor in great shape w 60-70 feet of rope. 50$ 2 large boat bumpers 10$ for both 4 Stearns adult life jackets in excelent condition. 40$
  12. Sold!
  13. Gone thanks
  14. Want 20$ to get it out of my garage. I have so much SHIT i about die moving it all 2x a year.
  15. Jiffy pro-4 lite. I used this auger for 1 1/2 seasons. I haven't run it this year because I bought a new one but it started up in a couple of pulls. It Revved up great. last year I had a problem keeping it running after drilling 30 or so consecutive holes on my last trip or two out, but I think that a carb cleaning or a slight tuning of the throttle would fix that. I just never got to it, otherwise this auger is in great shape. I'm Also throwing in a spare blade set. Located in Duluth, I'd like to get 200 for it.