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  1. 200$
  2. Thats pretty cool. Can you take the fishes balls then let the fish go?
  3. Sold
  4. Sold
  5. What's left of my walleye spinner kits. Also will throw in another smell holder and about 40 blades. 10$
  6. Bunch of jigs, new in package 10$
  7. Or make me an offer
  8. 597ci hs dI hummingbird fishfinder down imaging sonar/ GPS for sale. Comes with Genz box and suction cup mount. Good unit for a smaller boat/Canada trip. I put it in my basement 2012 and haven't used it since. Looking to get 240$ for it.
  9. Don't need 3 flashers, prefer my vexilars so selling my Ice 35 w battery 180$ Bought this as a spare for friends to use and I think it only got used less than 4 or 5 times.
  10. We got what we needed thanks guys
  11. Looking for table/ chairs and a couch/ comfortable chairs to set up our living room. Just moved back to Duluth for a few months.
  12. We have done both but the last three years we have gone guided. Im sure we would be fine doing the drop camp, however the use of horses is huge and allows you to hunt areas you would be unable to hunt otherwise.this is a huge perk on years where the migration hasn't started and you need to ride 2 hours to productive areas up high in the mountains.
  13. Just returned from our now annual elk hunt. We have been hunting the west elk wilderness near gunnison Colorado using west elk wilderness outfitters for the last few years. They offer very reasonable guided and drop camp trips for elk and mule deer. It's great because it's a full wilderness experience, no motors, atvs, etc. Just wall camps and horses/mules. The guy that runs it does an exceptional job and I highly recommend them. They even have a dog that is trained to retrieve you beer from the cooler. I shot a 4x5, as did my dad and our friends shot a nice 5x6 and 6x6. I shot mine in the last minutes of the last day of the last season. 285 yards. If you are looking to do an elk trip I would highly suggest using them for either their fully guided trips or their drop camps.I can't say enough excellent things about the owner and his crew. They truly do an exceptional job and are some of the hardest working people I have ever met. i just figured I couldn't post our pictures and not give the guys who make it possible a big thanks.
  14. I have a pro-lite. I have had some issues and will be selling it and replacing with a regular pro-4.