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  1. Looks really nice Rex, I could use a hobby that would explain "glitter", now if we could incorporate coconut butter I'd be good to go!!!!
  2. Snowmobiles and trailer package - SOLD

    Hey nunnu, link no longer exist .
  3. Trail Cam Pics

    Cheese, you can check on DNR's website to see if you were drawn, you'll need dnr # off your license or your drivers license number I did not get drawn
  4. View from the office

    never know what your gonna see around the next corner edited the photo on the puter at home and chopped off the area around it hopefully it shows up better
  5. View from the office

    crappy phone pic, but she has a deer head in her mouth, from a roadkill I assume, due to no blood on either her or the body part just trotting on down the highway
  6. View from the office

    Saw this on the way to Ely this morning on 169 outside tower
  7. rush, you are correct, if you have to fight the wheel to keep the boat straight adjust the tab
  8. I tried to edit my post above last nite but missed the timeline to post and didn't want to retype everything over, but anyway what gauge wires are they? My experience has been #10 and larger typically run to the battery, and #12 and lighter go to fuse panel. Your mileage may vary due to so many variables, just a place to start looking hopefully it helps
  9. Just wanted to add a note about your aux power wires, most mfg run the wires up under the gunnel to the battery in back, thru a 30 amp inline fuse, hopefully it's still there. But after seeing the last guys stereo wiring???????
  10. Outstanding job Rush, I redid an older 19' StarCraft a few years ago and the amount of work involved is crazy !!! Swore I'd never do it again!!
  11. as always with harsh cleaners you should test it on an unseen area, including the trailer under the hull been there done that!!!
  12. diliuted CLR has worked for me also
  13. no problem hopefuly its an easy fix, if you have any more questions i will try to help the best i can. That camper is looking great nice yob!!!
  14. Nunnu another thought i had, is if you are trying to use the shorepower fridge in cold ambient temps the electric heater may not be large enough to boil the refrigerant. Most camper fridges will work on gas in low temps but not on electric as they just don't create enough heat, but will work fine when temps are higher outside.
  15. one more thing to check. insure that you have 12v going to unit also. These newer frigdes need 12 volts to run the control circut for relay switching, if it works on gas you can make it work on 120 volts or visa versa. Just takes money hahahaha