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  1. Pork Pulling Contest

    Talking about pulling pork and Jeffs rub really has me wondering what this thread is really all about...
  2. Gas Price Watch-Updated Regularly

    Superior was $2.29 at 2am this morning.
  3. Winchester xpro

    I've never heard of an Xpro however I have heard of the Winchester XPR. They are a Low-Mid grade gun that sells for about $500-$600 brand new. A nice alternative to a high price bolt action rifle. I'd snatch it up for $200!
  4. Happy Birthday, Nunnu

  5. Gander going under

    This reminds me of a local motorcycle mechanic who used to have a store in Duluth. His stuff was high priced and would get pissed if you bought something off the internet stating we should support him instead. Adapt or die. His business died.
  6. Gander going under

    Their gun prices are double of a regular gun shop and don't even get me started on their unbelievably high ammo prices!
  7. I am $ure you could get it on the book$ for thi$ $ummer if $he ha$ $ome extra time... Ju$t $ayin'...
  8. Welcome MikeW!

    Lots of sign ups lately! Hopefully get some posting going on too! Hell, I don't know shit about fishing and I like hanging around!
  9. Auger buy - can't decide

    I don't know shit about ice augers, fishing, or much of anything for that matter however I've seen these Nils in action many times and yet to see another brand beat 'em, especially the hand auger. The offset handle scientifically increases torque without having to press down to make the cut, reducing the amount of effort needed to make a hole. They are pretty amazing from what I have witnessed.
  10. Discount Tire is probably a great place. They took care of Mrs. Shovels Kia Soul when the tire blew however when I needed $1500 worth of new rubber for Jeep, they wouldn't return my calls so I bought them elsewhere. Corporate wasn't happy with that.
  11. Football Chatter 2016

    Free NHL Center Ice until November 4 on Direct TV.
  12. 2016 WI Bow Hunt

    They're at the old spot she was at...