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  1. This reminds me of a local motorcycle mechanic who used to have a store in Duluth. His stuff was high priced and would get pissed if you bought something off the internet stating we should support him instead. Adapt or die. His business died.
  2. Their gun prices are double of a regular gun shop and don't even get me started on their unbelievably high ammo prices!
  3. I am $ure you could get it on the book$ for thi$ $ummer if $he ha$ $ome extra time... Ju$t $ayin'...
  4. Lots of sign ups lately! Hopefully get some posting going on too! Hell, I don't know shit about fishing and I like hanging around!
  5. I don't know shit about ice augers, fishing, or much of anything for that matter however I've seen these Nils in action many times and yet to see another brand beat 'em, especially the hand auger. The offset handle scientifically increases torque without having to press down to make the cut, reducing the amount of effort needed to make a hole. They are pretty amazing from what I have witnessed.
  6. Discount Tire is probably a great place. They took care of Mrs. Shovels Kia Soul when the tire blew however when I needed $1500 worth of new rubber for Jeep, they wouldn't return my calls so I bought them elsewhere. Corporate wasn't happy with that.
  7. Free NHL Center Ice until November 4 on Direct TV.
  8. They're at the old spot she was at...
  9. I don't use Facebook either. Giant waste of time and I can live without all the stupidity, regurgitated nonsense and drama that seems to follow it. It's nice to be here in the DBF Zone.
  10. Haistella hevosen vittu!!
  11. Even according to Fleet Farm itself, they only check an ID to see if you are 18. Taking GJ's information for recording purposes was illegal and should be discontinued by them immediately if that is what they are doing. Grandpa Jack is probably a good looking guy but I have doubts they thought he was under 18 years old...
  12. Next time, tell them to stick it in their ass or cite the law stating your DL is required to be recorded. Refer to: Minn. Stat. §§ 624.713 Minn. Stat. § 609.663 Minnesota does not: • Require a license to purchase or possess ammunition; • Require sellers of ammunition to maintain a record of the purchasers; or Prohibited Persons Minnesota enacted a law in 2015, which generally extends its state laws regarding persons prohibited from possessing firearms to now also include parallel prohibitions preventing such persons from possessing ammunition as well.1 Ammunition Sales Licensing/Regulation Minnesota does not require a license to sell ammunition. The state does prohibit the display of centerfire metallic-case handgun ammunition for sale to the public in a manner that makes the ammunition directly accessible to persons under age 18, unless the display is under observation of the seller or the seller’s employee or agent, or the seller takes reasonable steps to exclude underage persons from the immediate vicinity of the display.2 Minimum Age to Purchase/Possess Ammunition A law passed in 2015 prohibits a person under the age of 18 years from possessing ammunition, except that a person under 18 may possess ammunition designed for use in a firearm that the person may lawfully possess.3 Minnesota generally bans furnishing ammunition to a child under age 14 outside of a municipality,4 and to a minor (under age 18) without the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian or the police department of the municipality, while within the municipality.5 Federal ammunition age restrictions also apply. Restricting Locations Where Ammunition May be Possessed Minnesota generally prohibits the possession of ammunition within any courthouse complex or state building within the Capitol Area, other than the National Guard Armory.6 Regulation of Unreasonably Dangerous Ammunition Minnesota prohibits the use or possession of a “metal-penetrating bullet” during the commission of a crime.7 A “metal-penetrating bullet” is defined as a handgun bullet of “9 mm, .25, .32, .357, .38, .41, .44, or .451 caliber which is comprised of a hardened core equal to the minimum of the maximum attainable hardness by solid red metal alloys which purposely reduces the normal expansion or mushrooming of the bullet’s shape upon impact.”8
  13. I really would have wanted to see Dokken however it isn't the original members.