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  1. That turned out awesome! Great job, you've got some serious skills Rush!
  2. I got sick of thinking about this and went with the Eskimo Mako 43cc 8" today. Should have ice in a couple weeks and don't have time to fix the current one.
  3. Are you guys doing the guided or drop camp? This is a dream of mine
  4. For sure. I might just have to get mine going and hold off on purchasing until I can see some of these in action on the ice. I see benefits to all of them.
  5. My uncle and his buddy bought the Arctic Trekkers. If I had a decent drill I would seriously consider it. Still going to consider it but gotta factor in the drill cost too.
  6. Sounds like the Eskimo Mako is worth a shot at the price. I'm gonna go look tomorrow at MG.
  7. I've always been a strikemaster guy, not sure why. Always end up having motor issues and I'm not great at motor work. I like the lazer blades...until I have to buy replacements. Anyway, I'm in the market for a new auger. These days I'm getting out a lot less than before, but when I go I still usually drill between 10 and 60 holes depending what and where I'm fishing. I was was thinking nils, but mainly because of the tanaka power head and the warranty it had. Now that's not an option apparently. So, I'm looking for recommendations and I'm open to anything from gas to propane to electric to drill. I'm most concerned about reliability and cost v. life of motor. For some reason I'm leaning towards a Jiffy propane right now, but I want to hear from you all on what you have/had and your experiences before pulling the trigger.
  8. Lol, that's an awesome story
  9. Ok. Tough to disagree with the pres! That's too bad about Tanaka, the power head and the warranty that came with it was a big part of why I wanted a Nils. Maybe I'll see if I can fix mine for another year and see what Nils comes up with.
  10. My uncle tells me he was told that there will be a new, bigger, compliant with emissions rules, powerhead to go with Nils soon. Anyone have intel?
  11. Sweet! Great job!
  12. Cool. Thanks for the reviews. Too bad about the power head! I heard nothing but good things about them
  13. Rush, My uncle and I are both looking at Nils augers this year. He's wondering about the Arctic Trekker or something like that. Also looking at the electric. Thoughts? I'm thinking about one of the gas models. Thoughts? Chris
  14. Open houses tomorrow and Sunday from 1-4pm. Minnowface discount available! http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/5210-Juniata-St_Duluth_MN_55804_M74183-36318
  15. I've only been able to get out twice for grouse. Once the Saturday after opener. Walked a favorite trail for about 2.5 hours. Saw 11, shots at 6. I got all 3 I shot at, the other guy missed all three he shot at. Second time I went out we has action from a dozen or so. I think I saw three of them, the rest were all flushing behind leaves. Shot the only one I had a decent shot at. Missed a couple cock. Seems like there are plenty of birds, now I just need to get my damn house sold so I can get back to focusing on hunting!