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  1. hey rex, when is a good time in the next few days to get those eyes fixed? and where is it your at?
  2. thanks rex. friday ill be heading out to the lake but im off most of next week. woody, outdoor advantage can stick with just scooping my minnows. lol
  3. Rex, i think i have a couple shimano and a older loomis id like the top eye replaced on. just looking for them to be usable again not win any shows.
  4. looking to have a few top rod eyes replaced that are broken. anybody do that on here?
  5. we shot a few other things to help with pest control was well worth the drive cheeser. ill be back out there in july for a few weeks of relaxation again.
  6. few more pics
  7. just got home yesterday from 15 days out west. hunted in southern colorado near chromo. i shot a 27 pound gobbler with a 10 inch beard and almost inch spurs. not a easy turkey hunt. put on well over 15 miles in my 3 days of hunting and my brother even more inthe 5 days he hunted with no turkey for him. the mountains were beautiful and wildlife was abundant but the turkeys were hard to find. fishing on the ranch was pretty good too. caught rainbows, browns, brookies, crappie, catfish, bluegill. all in all it was a good vacation. ill post pics when i get a chance.
  8. my pictures are not loading atm so ill post when im home sunday.
  9. on a roadtrip in detoit this weekend for a hockey game. wings take on the avs. ill post pics of random shit along the way.
  10. looking for a used marcum or vexilar.
  11. got my buck last evening. only buck ive seen so far this season.
  12. my daughter is gonna hunt with me this year. shes stepping up to the plate with a .308 and she can shoot either too cheeser