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  1. Daily Randomness...

    Axl was awesome! Sounded great and they did 28 songs. Was better than I was expecting. I'd post a video but my phone won't let me for some reason.
  2. Daily Randomness...

    I was impressed with ghost also
  3. Daily Randomness...

    Just got home from the guns n roses concert at us bank stadium. The show was Fucking excellent! Axl sounded better than I was expecting and slash is a god on the guitar!! Can check them off my list of bands I've seen. I thought that the iron maiden concert few months back was gonna be hard to top but this was almost as good. Anyone else go and what you think? And I heard that there was almost 52000 people.
  4. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    Got his first puppy bath today and was feeling like a few pics. Lol
  5. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    Ill let ya know when that shit goes down nunnu! Lmao!
  6. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    He likes his pics taken too. Lol
  7. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    He's gonna swim great
  8. my new son of a bitch, Willie

  9. my new son of a bitch, Willie

    8 weeks old. Just brought him home last night. Doing good so far. Lol
  10. rod tip repair

    hey rex, when is a good time in the next few days to get those eyes fixed? and where is it your at?
  11. rod tip repair

    thanks rex. friday ill be heading out to the lake but im off most of next week. woody, outdoor advantage can stick with just scooping my minnows. lol
  12. rod tip repair

    Rex, i think i have a couple shimano and a older loomis id like the top eye replaced on. just looking for them to be usable again not win any shows.
  13. rod tip repair

    looking to have a few top rod eyes replaced that are broken. anybody do that on here?
  14. Colorado mountain turkey

    we shot a few other things to help with pest control was well worth the drive cheeser. ill be back out there in july for a few weeks of relaxation again.