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  1. my pictures are not loading atm so ill post when im home sunday.
  2. on a roadtrip in detoit this weekend for a hockey game. wings take on the avs. ill post pics of random shit along the way.
  3. looking for a used marcum or vexilar.
  4. got my buck last evening. only buck ive seen so far this season.
  5. my daughter is gonna hunt with me this year. shes stepping up to the plate with a .308 and she can shoot either too cheeser
  6. was back yesterday.
  7. im going friday to see jackyl. even if i gotta go by myself.
  8. thats not even her biggest one wood. she whooped my ass on catching.
  9. those pics are from the mountains outside of Chromo Colorado. we been in wyoming, colorado, new mexico and south dakota. ill post more pics later. pic from garden of the gods
  10. daughters first rainbow. 9200 feet up.
  11. go to genes. if the wait is shorter than the 5-7 weeks he told me earlier this summer.
  12. just went and checked our cabin in the saginaw area and we have about a12-15 good sized trees down in the yard and across the driveway. good news nothing is down on the trailer or anything broken. be a few days of cutting wood but coulda also been alot worse. bugs were terrible so i took no pictures.
  13. holy shit! that sucks cheeser