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  1. Rush did you trim up and still have a list? Even my 20 footer will list a little until it's trimmed properly.
  2. A face in the crowd

    Thanks for the brew Cheeser...I was a little warm after pushing the lawnmower around my rentals!!
  3. 2010 MN Rifle Buck

    I was about 30 feet high in my Summit climber.
  4. 2010 MN Rifle Buck

    Calm?? Well...Hmmm...I let one of my buddies use my gun so I was using my niece's single shot.( I was supposed to be hunting with her, but she had a basketball game) A gun that I had shot a total of five times in my life, bad idea! Anyhow, after I did my rattling sequence, he stepped out at about 200 yards and I was calm. I thought I'm going to drop that big bastard right where he is. Ahhhh....first shot clean miss, he runs straight at me and stops at about 100 yrds. Still calm easy shot, I'll smoke him there. Booooooom.....Clean miss ! Now it starts to get exciting! Remember I'm using a single shot that's not mine. The buck continues running straight at me, I'm digging in my pocket trying to find another bullet and he is coming really fast!!!! Finally, I get the gun loaded and ready, when he gets to 10 yards I let him have it. I could see that I hit him hard! That's when my body erupted in wicked trembling, anyhting but calm! So yep it was a 10 yard shot, but there is a little more to every deer story. Lol
  5. 2010 MN Rifle Buck

    I rattled this guy in at 9:05 opening morning. What a great day! Ten yard shot, drinking beer by noon. Good luck during the third weekend everyone!