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  1. Minnows by Boy Scout landing?

    minit mart use to be a little store also the liquor store sells bait
  2. Outdoor Advantage-Bad

    WOW.....Sorry to hear that i've always gotten great service there. Never have i experienced short counts on minnows, the waxies i'll agree you have to search. as far as price I find them cheaper than Gander Mtn. on a lot of items. Is crappy she wouldn't even try to accommodate you. Darrin
  3. MinnowFaces Merchandise!

    How about it, any interest?
  4. if i'm to order some atv tires online where can i bring them to be mounted on rims? or is it taboo to buy online and have someone do this. can save alot buying online. and no i wont go to duluth lawn sport
  5. well did a carb rebuild on my mag 3 holy crap it worked! Thanks I have a problem and can't get the throttle cable to connect back to the the carb. wasn't paying attention. searched you tube to no avail hoping some one at work may know what to do. Darrin
  6. Give Away Time!

    I'm in
  7. Give Away Time!

  8. Giveaway Time!

    #30 im in
  9. daughter had a door handle break and brought it to benna: they told her it would take 2 hrs. to take the door panel off and then order parts etc..told her hell no had her call absolute he told her his laziest guy would take 15min. to get the panel off. had her fixed and running in an hour. no raping just a honest job. darrin
  10. Only In Wisconsin

    horse-fucker In News by Brian AbramsDec 22, 2014 102.0kt324Ë2 Man smokes weed, sucks horse’s dick In Wausau, Wisconsin, a 30-year-old has been charged with possession of marijuana and blowing a horse. Court documents obtained by claim that Jared Kreft was found inside a barn with a marijuana pipe and a jar of petroleum jelly. He was also wearing a face mask and blue wind pants with holes cut around the crotch and ass areas. Kreft admitted to police that, before he was found inside the barn with said animal, which he blew and jacked off, he was viewing horse porn. Police searched Kreft’s apartment and found marijuana, though they did not find any horse porn. Kreft was locked up in Marathon County Jail on a $2,000 cash bond. He faces a judge on Tuesday, which should also make for an interesting item. We’ll keep you posted. In other horse sex news, back in October a 19-year-old Floridian jacked off on a horse plush toy at Walmart and put the stuffed animal back on the shelf in classic, “nah, changed my mind†fashion. [h/t Gawker]
  11. probably in the wrong topic but anyways....this is a great idea for keeping the tongue weight off your wheeler and being able to tow your wheelhouse on less then ideal ice for bigger trucks. What would the approx. cost of material and having someone weld it up be? And I know some of you can weld , and I deliver beer.
  12. How does a guy know when his thermocoupler is shot? Can get the pilot lit but fire up the heater and turns off when i go to turnon the heat. this is on a big buddy heater thanks darrin