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  1. Wow. Pretty cool rush. How much for a set of brackets? Thx
  2. Pm sent.
  3. Look at the star tribune article today .they had cameras out filming latourelles for the last 5 years in Canada.
  4. I'll take them Rex. Thx.
  5. How much for cicadas. Thx
  6. Nice work Rex. Awesome
  7. The big tool sale is this Friday and Saturday at tool crib. Thx
  8. Great info cotner
  9. These scud bugs a guy tied up look like something that would be lights out for pannies
  10. Put my battery on my ion and starting right up with no noise or smell and ran like a champ. Ion.
  11. As I understand the shallow mode and deep water modes are improved. I have a lx 6 and noticed a shallow 2 to 5 foot void on my marcum. That feature is the only one i heard of this update. Thx
  12. Congrats rush