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  1. 1952 MINT condition Johnson 3 hp twin.

    That thing is mint. Our motors get quite a bit of abuse duck hunting and we have several in the stable so I am going to pass on this. Let me know what you sell it for. I'd be interested to know. These are great little motors. I'd take one of these classics over a fancy new one any day.
  2. 1952 MINT condition Johnson 3 hp twin.

    I might be interested. Between my hunting buddies and I think we probably have a half dozen of these or similar motors. They run great in thick weeds so we use them chasing ducks in wild rice. Usually these run $250-350 unless mint condition.
  3. Gander mountain done

    I stopped by today. I've never seen so many people at the store. Most of the good stuff is only marked down 10-15%.
  4. Colorado mountain turkey

    Looks like you ruined Tom's day. That's a big turkey compared to the ones we get around here. Some dandy browns too.
  5. Gander going under

    I heard they are not going under. They are filing bankruptcy as part of a restructuring. No clue if that is true but it came from a manager at one of their stores. I remember when gander used to be a great store when I was a kid. Now they are more or less a clothing store and most of their employees don't even fish, hunt or camp. I don't think too many people were surprised by the news.
  6. minnkota

    If it makes you feel better I paid Thorne Bros over $30 for shipping and handling to mail me a 32 inch custom rod recently. It hurt but I didn't feel like asking anyone to go out of their way to stop there on the way north. Minnkota kicks out great products.
  7. Blade Baits

    I may be interested in some glow cicadas. Do these work well out on Superior for lakers? I've had good luck on lakers in the boundary waters with blade baits but never gave them a shot on the big pond.
  8. Auger buy - can't decide

    Thanks for the info guys. If the Eskimo ever fails me I will definitely be looking at this as an option.
  9. Scud bugs

    Shrimpo's work well. Same concept.
  10. Auger buy - can't decide

    Pretty sweet vid Magellan. Do you or anyone else with experience with these know how many holes you can drill on one battery with a quality hand drill with that set up? My concern with battery augers, both hand drills and Ion types, is how many holes you can drill in a day. Do you have issues with battery performance or longevity in cold temps? Some days I drill a ton of holes, especially if perch fishing, so that has always been my concern with battery augers.
  11. Auger buy - can't decide

    The Eskimo has been good to me over the years. I have the Mako 43 cc. I think mine is about 10 years old and I haven't had an issue with it...knock on wood. Drain the gas out of the tank at the end of the season and pull it over several times to get all the gas out of the carbs and you shouldn't have issues with it. If I was in the market I would be looking at another one of those or an Eskimo or Jiffy propane. The propane's do have some drawbacks as Cotner mentioned. Chadwick has had issues with his Jiffy Propane but everyone else I know who owns them have been happy. My buddy picked up an Eskimo propane last year and it was flawless all last season.
  12. Nils questions

    I had the chance to punch some holes with a Nils auger on an Eskimo power head and it was FAST! I've never run a Tanaka power head so I have no clue how it compares. Rush, do they sell just the auger with the adapter with no power head? Any idea on cost?
  13. Hydro Dipping

    This is really cool Rush. You are one crafty lady.
  14. Skunky's Crappie Jigs

    Cool. How is Keith doing? I may have to order some jigs from you. Pike love those little things and my stock has been depleted.
  15. A face in the crowd

    Cheeseman, the right hand lane is for slow traffic. I saw you cruising down 53 this morning in the left lane holding up the show. lol