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  1. I would take you up on that, but we are leaving for Yellowstone this Saturday, and lots to do before then.
  2. you'd be surprised how much free beer can add up to!!
  3. Looking good, when is the maiden voyage schedule for? Hopefully better results than the Titanic!!
  4. Hells Angels, Duluth MN style was going to but a emojio in the response, but keep getting error message no, no, no no access for you!! Kind of like the Seinfield soup episode.
  5. how was the test flight?
  6. Cool keep posting pics
  7. my trick with DTV is, when you have to state the purpose of your call, say "cancel my service", you will get right to an English speaking person willing to listen, and actually do something about your beef.
  8. make sure to get a cordless one I have a bosch 18V for a number of years, works great.
  9. sweet, thanks for sharing.
  10. Been busy shooting pheasants but have managed to bang it out not as many pics as I would have liked phone was full and I am not too skilled at moving pictures off to make room one drawer was a bit too wide so had to make a small adjustment but overall happy with the way it came together
  11. After a lot of fussing the top is glued up and drawer glides have arrived pheasant hunting for 4 days niw will post pics of glide installation a few tricks make it easy
  12. sweet!! I always thought they traveled at night.
  13. Also glued the panels on drawer carcass. Now I have to start the top which is a pain in the ass because I don't have a jointer to have to keep fussing with the joints on table saw which isn't ideal.
  14. Went to Menards got some pine for drawers much cheaper than using nice stuff planed it to 1/2" thickness then put a 1/4" dado blade on table saw set it to cut 1/4" deep then only have to move fence once and drawers done in a jiffy. Need to get some drawer glides and find some nice cutoffs for face of drawer but ice to be making dust again.
  15. will do, I am in the process of applying finish to what is done, which is booooring. drawers are next up, and I will post some pictures of construction. I have made lots of them using the dado set mentioned above, easy and very strong joints. then, a couple of rails, glue up the top, and call it good. thinking now about what to do with the cut-offs, the wood is very nice, and I am thinking some jewelry boxes would be nice presents, will see how much time permits