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  1. Fly Fishing Rod Combo 9ft 5wt

  2. Fly Fishing Rod Combo 9ft 5wt

    Selling a like new 9ft 5wt fly rod. Its the Trout Stalker 2 by Stone Creek. Used once, still has plastic on cork. Includes fly line and case. A 5wt is your "all-around" fly rod size, good for panfish to stream trout, to pink salmon, to bass. Regular price $250 will sell for $175. I can spend a little time giving some casting instruction as well if you're new to the sport. 952-847-0595
  3. "Make/Manufacturer: Juusto" hahahahahahahahaha
  4. Bent Paddle Kanu-AMAZING

    Never had that one! We should probably build a fire and have a "beer tasting" soon!
  5. On the recommendation of our own Timmy @NorShor I picked up a 12er of Bent Paddle Brewing's new beer called Kanu. It's what they call a "session pale ale", and let me tell you it ROCKS! I am not a craft beer drinker, never have been. I'm a Grain Belt Premium, High Life Light, Bud Light kinda guy but this is my new favorite. I encourage you guys to try it out! Also the owners of Bent Paddle are awesome people and avid outdoors people!
  6. Sounds just as bad as media com... all of these companies fucking SUCK! I can't even get charter in Cloquet. The only thing that I could find besides Dish was media com and their internet service has DATA PLAN LIMITS just like my damn cell phone.
  7. ha! I bet @Rush or @nunnu has a @cheeseman to English dictionary somewhere.
  8. Gander mountain done

    One thing that store is always good for is a quality clearance section on clothing. If you like stuff like Mt Hardwear, North Face, etc their clearance racks are often half off retail. I'll swing in this weekend and dig through em I'm sure.
  9. Wanted: 4 plastic barrels

    You should incorporate a bracket off one side to hold a standard igloo cooler!
  10. Wanted: 4 plastic barrels

    Wire it up so you can run a blender. I'll bring tequila, mix, and ice for its maiden voyage!
  11. Winchester xpro

    I almost bought one when I was looking for a rifle, but ended up getting a sweet trade deal on a different .300 win mag. Definitely felt good, was comfortable to shoulder, smooth bolt, and decent trigger. But then again, i'm not terribly picky. When I compared it to the other rifles in it's class like the Ruger American, I liked the XPR waaaay better. The only other rifle in it's price class that I liked more was the Browning AB3. The XPR at the time was about $200 cheaper on sale tho...A buddy at our hunting shack has an XPR and he really likes his. For the price you listed I would definitely pick it up! A 7mm-08 is one I've been wanting to add for a while. Great whitetail or pronghorn caliber! And if you don't like it, it would be a good gun for a youngster as well and wont be out a fortune. Also, I want one for $200.....oofda that's a helluva deal.
  12. and beef this one up so it's trail rated for my fat ass!
  13. 06 Harley Davidson Sportster 883

    Lowered on CL and FB pages so I'll lower on here as well. $4400 to a Minnowfacer
  14. 06 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 in MINT condition. Beautiful charcoal gray paint, forward foot pegs and engine guard, windshield, detachable back rest, great tires Starts and runs awesome. Always stored in heated garage. Only 6600 miles! Clean title. $4800 obo, motivated to sell but dont NEED to sell. No trades. Must have motorcycle endorsement and cash in hand to test drive. $4500 for a Minnowfacer or friend of!
  15. Medic, @NorShor has a Helix 7 ice pack that he used all winter. Give him a shout, I'm sure he'd be able to answer your questions.