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  1. @Rex did you end up getting what you needed at our shop?
  2. Soooooold
  3. Like new Lamson Litespeed IV 3.5 with 20 or 30lb (cant remember) backing on it. Fished very little and is in AWESOME shape. Suitable for 7-9wt. I had it on an 8wt fly rod and it was perfect. 100% American made in Boise Idaho. Is an absolutely killer steelhead reel for fishing the North Shore or Brule River. Aslo, fully sealed drag so its saltwater safe as well. $275 (389.99 new)
  4. Tastes like shit without!
  5. Its okay, it was diet! Lol
  6. Unfortunately on other places like Facebook fishing pages, other forums, a post by a member on here above and conversations in person that this is exactly the sentiment that is being shared. Makes me sad. My post is mostly a soap box rant on my part after a few whiskey cokes lol!
  7. Ill miss Gander. Their technical clothing is right on par with any other major retailer (industry standard is 50% over cost on clothing). If you want wragler or levi jeans, go to walmart or kohls. You know youre going to pay top dollar for top names like mt hardware, columbia, northface etc. Their tackle in general is priced the same as anywhere else within reason. A rapala is $5-$7 anywhere. Ill agree their ammo pland gun prices are rediculous. Everyone forgets that stores like gander employ entry level employees, the expectation that every 17 year old there is going to be an expert (which im always hearing anytime gander is brought up in any forum or live conversation) is rediculous. I will say their fishing dept manager "Shark" is probably the best fisherman and guide in the northland, that guy knows his shit. You dont need to make sure your tetanus vaccinations are up to date like you do before shopping in Marine General and the giant shrek looking guy that works the gun counter at fishermans corner is an absolute asshole and has lost multiple gun purchases from me. The only bonus there is their prices on bulk leeches is awesome. But lets celebrate a MN business going under.
  8. I was actually thinking the same thing. I like standing on a carpeted casting deck barefoot mid summer.
  9. I think it's a great idea. smaller profile for deeper fishing. Think stop signs, or buckshot spoons, they have zero action, they just bounce around when jigged. Same concept. More often than not I'm downsizing baits to get walleye and crappie to hit, and can be a pain in the arse when fishing deeper water. I also like to tie spoon bodies about 12" above a plain red hook. Works great on bobbers or rattle reels. These would be mint for that application, especially since I've seen how awesome you jigs glow.
  10. Call our shop this morning. We usually have a good selection of bucktail in stock. If we're out, we can order some up for you. We can also do personal bulk orders so if you wanted to order up a decent personal stock we can usually accommodate that as well. We have all the distributor catalogs right there at the counter so you can look through and see all the cool different fly tying materials available, including the stuff we don't usually keep on hand. Lots of cool specialty materials too. If the shop happens to be out of the colors you are looking for tell them you are in a bind and need your stuff ordered ASAP and tell them Jamie Cotner sent you.
  11. Whoops, never mind. I see now on my computer that the end of the conduit has a wider piece. Didn't see that before.
  12. tiny little castration bands work great for that!
  13. Cool idea Cheeser. Are you planning on putting some kind of end cap or butt piece on the low end of that conduit? Might not be a bad idea for the off chance that the bracket slides off of the conduit if those pipe brackets loosen up...
  14. happy birthday Rush!
  15. Another way to do this is to add hashbrowns. Super good!