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  1. Whoops, never mind. I see now on my computer that the end of the conduit has a wider piece. Didn't see that before.
  2. tiny little castration bands work great for that!
  3. Cool idea Cheeser. Are you planning on putting some kind of end cap or butt piece on the low end of that conduit? Might not be a bad idea for the off chance that the bracket slides off of the conduit if those pipe brackets loosen up...
  4. happy birthday Rush!
  5. Another way to do this is to add hashbrowns. Super good!
  6. Text sent
  7. Both my MF circle sticker and prostaff decal need a groovy update!
  8. Texted you
  9. I am switching over to all NCR rods. I've got one of the prototypes of his integrated spring bobber rods and the action on it is MINT! And his prices are far more reasonable than JT, TUCR, Thorn Bros, etc
  10. Local Ice Fishing Deals: L&M has the Eskimo Quickfish 3 popup house (non-insulated) for $149. They also have 25% off all Northland ice tackle and $2.99 for Lindy Rattln Flyers. Great time to stock up on the typical "go-to" jigs and spoons.
  11. Real question is, did you get a new TV since then? Because In Depth Outdoors has started posting their weekly ice fishing videos and we'll need a big screen to drink beer and watch them on.
  12. He likes a little junk in the trunk
  13. Pics or it didn't happen! Nunnu, you snooze you lose! Post em up!