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  1. Where do I even begin. I went to Charter and dropped off one of my 2 cable boxes to cancel that one specific box. Well, long story short the moron at the store cancelled the one I still had at my house. I didn't realize this until I received a call hours later that the cable wasn't working. After 4 calls and approximately 3 hours on the phone I finally got my cable working 3 days later. I probably spoke with about a dozen people before it got solved. The first person said I had to be at the house so they could trouble shoot over the phone. I wasn't there so I had someone call who was. They didn't want to trouble shoot when he called, they just wanted to schedule an appointment to have someone come look at it and wanted me to reserve a 4 hour window to be there for them. When I called back, still not there, they wanted me to have someone call from the house so they could trouble shoot the problem. You better believe I lost my shit at this point. I'm pretty sure I just about had the supervisor in tears, but still didn't get anywhere. Finally yesterday after a 55 minute call where I talked to 5 different people they were able to fix the problem. I told them repeatedly from the very first call that the person returning the equipment screwed something up and they continued to tell me everything was correct on the account. The problem ended up being that they returned the serial number of the box I still. When I was reading them the number off the cable box in my house they repeatedly told me I was wrong and that I had returned that one. When I kept arguing they told me I'd have to make another trip to the store or have a tech come out to fix the problem. Finally the supervisor fixed it. That company can collectively go jump in front of a fucking truck.
  2. Gander going under

    They were great 20 years ago, but they have been giving sportmen the middle finger ever since. They have put no real effort into staying competitive. Their knowledge sucks, their selection sucks, and their pricing sucks. Some of their pricing is so bad it's actually funny. Ammunition prices there are typically 25-50% more than anywhere else and I've seen where it's more than 100% more. This includes mom and pop stores. In no way do I feel any sympathy for them. They took advantage of the consumers that helped put them where they are in the marketplace to the point where the consumers finally pushed back. Hopefully they learn a lesson and actually get back to what got them where they were.
  3. Epic Restaurant-Good!

    Almost stopped in there the other day. Had no idea what the place was all about. Maybe next time I'm in the area.
  4. Marcum LX-7 (not mine)

    If you look hard enough you can sometimes get a brand new one for not much over $600.
  5. Chipman big sale

    PM sent
  6. Great Job! The table looks awesome.
  7. Storm Damage

    Power finally came back on today. I'm guessing there are still some in Lakeside without it though based on the fact that there are still people working in the area.
  8. Storm Damage

    I don't envy your situation Cheeser. Currently I'm still without power in Lakeside. Hopefully we'll have it back on later today or tomorrow.
  9. Storm Damage

    How did everyone fare through the storms last night? Got pounded pretty good in Lakeside. Luckily no damage for me, but pretty much everyone around me had downed trees and property damage. Power went out about 3 am and I'm sure it's going to be days until it's hooked back up based on the fact that MN Power is currently showing about 45,000 people without power.
  10. I just hope nobody else on here has to deal with this shit. Please do yourself a favor and learn from my experience.
  11. This place is a complete gong show. I'm waiting for a call back so we can discuss the gauges.
  12. I haven't had it out on the water yet. I definitely will this weekend though. In addition to the other problems I've had with Leroy's, it doesn't appear that they hooked up any of the gauges other than the Mercury Smartcraft gauge.
  13. I paid them but we fought about he price a bit and they finally lowered it. The gauge was in the boat, he just put it somewhere I didn't see it at first. I spoke with the son today and he in fact did not hook up the trim on the bow. It's an easy fix but it's kind of annoying to have to do it after I paid them to. Should be ready for the water Saturday or Sunday at the latest. I really hope I don't run into any more surprises.
  14. I'll get some up as soon as I finish rigging it. As far as Leroy's goes, I'm not impressed with the work at all. They installed the Mercury Smartcraft gauge in place of my speedometer, which is what I asked for. They just forgot to give me the speedometer back. The trim switch on the bow doesn't work. I'll have to dig in and see if they even hooked it up. Also they way they mounted the controls is pretty tacky looking. I'll have to figure out a better solution for that. Hopefully that's it, but I won't know until I get it on the water.
  15. I just got a voicemail saying it's ready. I'll be heading up there after work.