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  1. 2007 grand caravan $2100 we are selling our grand caravan, it's been a very good vehicle. Here's the cl link.
  2. 2016 WI Bow Hunt

  3. Trail Cam Pics

    The doe tags are for rifle season. I think the archery tags are either sex??
  4. Trail Cam Pics

    My wife and I both got our doe tags in the mail on Saturday:-))
  5. Preparing-2015 Hunt

    Choot em'!
  6. I think a portable deer stand would be just like a portable ice house, no license, no nothin' bring it when you come, take it when you leave. But yes, I would pay the $15 bucks or whatever to register a permanent stand. Like I said, I enjoy hunting out of them like some people like fishing out of ice castles. (I like those too).
  7. I'll just toss this out, not to start a fight but food for thought. I think people should be able to build/maintain permenant stands. I'd like to see a set up like icehouses where they could be registered. There's way more forest area (square feet) than water in the state, and nobody would ever think of banning permanent ice houses, or considering them public property. And you don't hear too many people judging people for fishing out of a luxurious heated camper with holes in the floor. I think it's just personal preferences. I know this is a flimsy comparison, but there's a train of thought that connects the two. Thanks for reading. Best of luck and a safe hunt to all!!
  8. Give Away Time!

  9. Is this boat a good deal?

    I think the numbers on the side must be the guy's DNR number?? Like you'd put on an icehouse?? He didn't read the fine print.
  10. Give Away Time!

  11. Self propelled dogsled

    Looks pretty cool! Just need a little cargo area!
  12. NFL 2014 Season

    It's no different than "pro" wrestling, a lot of people just haven't figured that out yet!!
  13. 2006 18' ice castle for sale.-SOLD

    I know a guy who might be interested, how can he get in touch with you, he's not on this forum.
  14. Giveaway Time!

    I'm in.
  15. Lutefisk ideas