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  1. I had no idea something like that existed, great video!
  2. Did you take your projects fishing yet?
  3. So, how's it fish?
  4. I

    Sure does look good. I gotta up my grill game so we can continue to be friends.
  5. Photobucket Extortion / Broken Links

    That sucks. Good luck!
  6. 3D Printing

    Looking good!
  7. Bent Paddle Kanu-AMAZING

    It's goooooddd.
  8. That happens to me as well. Is that code for something Cheese?
  9. If they look as good as your jigs, I'll be interested.
  10. Norshor rods

    That's me. Good chatting with you. I'll send you my number and we'll get something figured out. Thanks!
  11. Catchcover hole sleeves, free shipping

    I ordered these yesterday right before I posted. They were waiting for me when I got home today. The only thing that would make it better is if I tho there was a chance that I'd be using them soon!
  12. I found these on Fleet Farm's Site for $19.99, regularly $29.99. After looking at Catch Cover's site, the white ones are in stock and half price. If you don't need the extension, it's still cheaper than buying the 9". I ordered 4 just now and got free shipping. Score!! Catch Cover 18" Sleeves
  13. 2016 Rifle Deer Season

    Our camp went 5 for 8 first weekend, nothing since. We'll see what Saturday brings...