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  1. Nunnu's new boat

    Slayer would have been better.
  2. GoPro Hero2 HD-SOLD

    Oh well. You snooze you lose I guess. Thanks anyway.
  3. GoPro Hero2 HD-SOLD

    I will take it. Call me at 218-348-5fivethree2 or call Terry at 218-31zero-five089
  4. Hummingbird transducer XNT 9 20 T - 7102261-SOLD

    Gone. Thanks Chadwick
  5. Cannon Uni-troll 5-SOLD

    Sold. Thanks Chadwick.
  6. Hummingbird transducer XNT 9 20 T - 7102261-SOLD

    Ill take that with the rigger.
  7. I would like the rigger and mount. $175 sound good?  Find me another like it.  Steve

  8. Marcum 485c underwater camera. $300

    Interested? I have a guy coming sat to look at it. Give me a decent offer.
  9. Cannon Uni-troll 5-SOLD

    Chadwick e-mail me and we can discuss this more. Thinking $175 with just the rigger. I have all the other goodies. Steve
  10. This Marcum camera is the bomb. Used 1 time this winter because I didn't get out as much as usual. Works and looks like new. I also have a camera panner I will throw in to sweeten the pot. $300
  11. Only used for about 100 holes. Just broken in. Starts, runs and cuts like new. Extra set of blades as well. $350