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  1. Here's the finished product - went with 3M 5200. I ended up taking all the screw out, sanding the edges flat, cleaning everything with rubbing alcohol, then filling all the holes with 5200, and smearing 5200 on the plate. Used duct tape to keep it up in position overnight. Next day, took 5200 and sealed around all the edges. Have had the boat out 2 times since, I think thus far it's holding up just fine...
  2. Question for some opinions. See the photo attached. There are several screws already in the transom from what, I’m not sure. They look to be sealed up with something. I am potentially going to add another transducer and move the currently mounted one. I will be looking to add some PVC trim/mounting plate so I don’t have to continue to add holes to the transom. Do you all use some sort of adhesive to attach the trim or do you screw it to the transom and seal it up? Additionally, do you think I should remove all the screws as the new transom PVC mount would cover them up and try to seal the holes, then seal around the trim piece? Or leave the screws, and mount the PVC trim over the screws?
  3. Potato Guns

    On the topic of potato guns, you guys might find this video interesting like I did. Nerd alert:
  4. Alright-since everyone has way more experience and knowledge than me, I'd like to see what you think would be best to do here. My wife has a 2008 Acadia we bought a few years ago when we started adding members to the family. Recently I found some rust developing on the tailgate, and was wondering what you thought was best to do? I did buy some of that POR rust inhibitor and was wondering if I should coat the rust and paint, or should I grind it off and prime/paint it? Just trying to delay any further rust from developing before it gets to the outside of the vehicle...
  5. First camping grill

    Can't really go wrong-my coleman has been through a lot and still works great. If it's the model I'm thinking of, I cut the metal tube adapter for the propane cylinder in half and added a rubber hose in-between the pieces with some hose clamps to add a little more flexibility when screwing/unscrewing the cylinders and placing the stove on something...
  6. Nice video-I didn't know it was so easy to do. I really like the idea of being able to do plain hooks. Seems like the colored ones are always more spendy and I have a ton of plain hooks laying around. I may just have to try a few colors out!
  7. 2015 Grouse

    Got out Saturday morning with a couple buddies and my lab, who more is a walking partner than anything. We flushed 13 grouse, shot at 6 and took home 2. With the wet and windy conditions, it sure was hard to get them-we usually didn't see them till they were flying. Still, it was great to get a good walk in the woods.
  8. I've been wanting to do something just like you've done Cheeser. 2002 1500 Silverado. I have about 194k miles on it, but it runs well still. Was thinking it might be worth pouring some money in to at least get it to look not so dumpy anymore. Question is, is my truck to far past gone? Both sides look about the same...
  9. I actually filed a claim with the BBB against Sonju. I bought a used 2002 silverado back in 2011. Salesman told me I could get the "rust proofing package" from them even with a used vehicle. I told him I didn't believe him, so I had him write me up a little dealio explaining that if the truck were to rust within 3 years, they would fix it. I knew the truck would rust on me so I figure it would be a good deal. I kept up on those stupid 6 month inspections and after 1.5 years I had some good rust developing on the rockers. I told them I wanted it fixed, so I brought it in. They agreed it needed to be fixed, and told me to go get a quote from a body shop in Duluth. I went and got the quote and then didn't hear from them for a week. I called, emailed for 2 weeks straight until I got ahold of someone who told me they couldn't do anything. I even got the manager who told me that the "rust proofing package" is only good up to 10 years after the manufacture date, so I was about 6 months late. I asked for a refund and they said they couldn't do anything, that I had misunderstood what they sold me. I told them I had a signed document that said I had 3 years from purchase and they asked me to send them proof of it. I did and never heard from them again. So I filed a BBB complaint. About 2 weeks later the manager called me back and asked what they could do to get the complaint dropped. I asked for a full refund. He countered with "they actually performed quite a service installing the rust proofing" and that he could refund half. I told him no way, so he countered with about 75% of it and I said I would close the complaint when I get a check. Got a check a week later. I will never do business with Sonju again.
  10. Auger recommendation?

    I may have to take you up on that someday. I have a couple "spots" but I wouldn't call them hot! That's one thing fishing up here, I just don't get out enough to explore and find fish. Half the reason to invest in a new auger, if I can drill a bunch of holes I may be able to get on more fish!
  11. Auger recommendation?

    I've been thinking about getting a nils auger for the last few years. Man, watching this video makes me really contemplate taking the financial plunge and do it. I'd have to do the 8" tho.. Cool video!
  12. I'll definitely be following this one come fall when I rebuild the carb on my magnum!
  13. Only 2 weeks to go!

    Only 2 weeks until archery, small game, and grouse seasons open up! Tomorrow is opening morning to get my stands up in the Duluth city hunt. Time to check all my gear, wash up my clothes... Going to be checking my couple stands tonight for worn straps, welds, make sure they're tree worthy. I always tell myself I'm going to get after it a month or so before the season, but never remember to until it's almost time- Time to get after it!
  14. Dog First Aid

    Good point on the first aid kit. I'm sure my chocolate lab would do the same. I always have most of that stuff in my truck (pliers, cutters, etc) as I travel with a tool kit but I will have to invest in some blood clotting spray and bandages. It's on my list!
  15. Got parts from http://www.northlandmarine.com/MinnKotaQuickRef.htm I got the $30 kit, plus another like $8 for shipping? So a total of $38, which is far cheaper than a new one. Like I said, I could have just bought a few new seals piece wise and it would have been cheaper, but I didn't want to go through the hassle of finding each individual seal I wanted to replace, so I "splurged" for the kit. I guess I'll see how well it runs once I get it in the water for awhile...