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  1. lawnmower - Gone

    Is it a rider?
  2. 2016 WI Bow Hunt

    I could be wrong but I am pretty sure thathat minnesota doesn't have that law
  3. 2016 WI Bow Hunt

    Rush he isn't actually feeding illegally. The way it's written he just can't hunt over it the way you would get him into trouble is him blowing the air horn and leaving the tractor going that kind of thing especially when he comes up asks you turns away laughing and goes and does something. He can feed deer but not interfere with a hunter harvesting a deer cotner would have an easy case and a co would belive him but it is a slippery slope when you are dealing with the relationship.
  4. Fish finder questions

    If you can go just a little higher. Go for the Helix 5 sonar for $199 by humminbird. You will get a nice big screen water temp speed, and a graph that actually marks fish. It is very easy to use. For just a little bit more you get a lot more bang.
  5. Earth auger

    just take the blades off of a jiffy it will cut the best it ever has.
  6. Jack Jaw

    I have never gut hooked a fish on the i fish pro its all about using the right hooks a lot of people use these small plain hooks and its trouble. My friend went threw three rods with them and I think it was a different model that almost went down the hole. But I hardly ever gun hook any fish on a tip up or I fish pro.
  7. Jack Jaw

    Also they are unneeded. With them you have to get to the rod very fast otherwise it will break or go down the hole. I would recommend I fish Pro. The best rod tip up I have ever used and will not use anything else. With the jaw jacker it takes the funnest part out of it and thats setting the hook.
  8. I fish Pro

    Nothing wrong with running a tip up bra lol
  9. I fish Pro

    Me no Im in the great state of MN lol
  10. I fish Pro

    Ya I do man lol gah thats fun. I have got four people now to try I fish pro and they all love them and are going to own them in the near future. Please tell, share and let people try them because this is a growing company that can really benefit from word of mouth.
  11. I fish Pro

    So I have been fishing I fish Pro tipup/rod tipup for two years now and I love them. I have two for now and plan to add two or even three more! I loved there product but now I love there customer service as well. What happened was I broke my flag so I emailed Levi and said what happened and asked if they would sell me just the flag. He said that he will send me a few no charge. They are really top notch and I recommend there product to everyone. Also he told me they are going to be coming out with a new model that will hit the market next year! Cannot wait!
  12. Jaw jackers or automatic fisherman

    I Fish pros are way better anyway!
  13. Savage 116 leupold vx 3 4.5-14x scope

    wish I had the money. Is it synthetic stocks and stainless steel barrel?