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  1. Coates Ice Fishing Show this weekend

    I didn't mind the show, keeping in mind that it was solely put on by Coates, it was at Black Bear, and it was free. Sure it wasn't nearly as big as the Boat Show or the Duluth "Ice" (notice the quotations) show, but it got the juices flowing a bit! Picked up a new slush bucket from the Thorne Bros booth for 10% off, and got to check out some sweet new wheelhouses. Wasn't a bad way to burn a couple hours on a Saturday.
  2. 2003 Riding Mower Lawn Tractor $400-SOLD

    My in-laws might be looking for a new(er) rider. I'll text them and see if they're interested.
  3. 3D Printing

    Offhand, I would say that ABS would be a better material for something like that. PLA is generally more brittle than an ABS. ABS, will have plenty of strength, but will also have a little bit of..."give" which should lend itself nicely to the colder conditions where a ducer arm will be used.
  4. 3D Printing

    We exclusively use Solidworks Premium at work, and that is what we used at UMD as well (the student version, but Solidworks nonetheless), however in talking to a few of our interns it sounds like they're transitioning to Autodesk; six of one, half dozen of the other really. Main thing is spending screen time on either and getting familiar with them. We use PLA a lot in our printer at work, but we use that mostly for prototyping new products for feel, size, aesthetics, etc and not for functionality. When we DO test say.....broadhead shock collars we throw them in the freezer to simulate cold weather, so I can vouch that it's a sound method!
  5. 3D Printing

    What type of modeling software are you using, Rush? Among a couple other things, being a design engineer I use 3D modeling software A LOT at work, so if you have any questions let me know! It will be interesting to see how one of these arms holds up in the cold.
  6. 2014 Grey Wolf 16gr fish house

    How did you end up liking this house? My wife and I picked up a 2014 8x16 BF very lightly used a couple weeks ago and are excited for next winter already.
  7. Gander going under

    Very good point Rush, and in no way did I mean to come across as bitter or angry towards folks who have had poor experiences at that store, because I have had them as well! In the 5-ish years since I've worked there, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've been there. I can honestly say that because of that, I've spent thousands on outdoor gear either online (Rogers Sporting Goods, Macks PW, Cabelas, etc.) or at local establishments such as Marine General or L&M.
  8. Gander going under

    I'd have to agree with Cotner regarding their sales associates. Roughly 5-6 years ago I worked in the firearms dept. at the Hermantown store, and granted I didn't know too much about anything other than rifles when I started, I was a freakin' gun nut when I left, and there were VERY few questions I couldn't answer. A person working at a big box store in ONE department can only know so much about the roughly 500 firearms in the store, PLUS 1000's more that aren't in stock, PLUS the thousands of products on the floor. Many times I'd be working the counter, and someone would come in with a specific question regarding a SPECIFIC product on the floor that they have spent hours researching on forums, other websites, etc. THAT BEING SAID......The reason the knowledge of Gander associates has gone DOWN so much in the past 4-5 years is the changes in management and the focus on a corporate level, and that was the main reason that I left. They stopped caring about actually selling the customer what they came there for, and keep pushing employees to sell warranties, credit cards, etc. This leads to contempt within the ranks, and then you get high turnover, therefore leaving them with an staff that has little to no knowledge of their specific products.
  9. Don't worry, as soon as Best Buy refunded the money a different TV was ordered for STORE PICKUP this time. IDO is pretty awesome on the new rig with the new sound system to boot!
  10. Honestly I have no idea. After everything was resolved monetarily with Best Buy I called UPS again just to see if they know if it was just brought to the wrong address or someone swiped it, and they ended up giving me the same BS answer! "It was delivered to your front door".......yeah, my @$$ is was! Oh well, merry Christmas I guess? One of my neighbors I talk to fairly regularly mentioned that after he and his wife moved in they had a lot of packaged delivered to their front porch and never had anything stolen, but I'm not sure if any of them were a giant box that said SAMSUNG on the side. I'm just glad no one swiped the big BOWTECH box when the UPS gonads left THAT on the front porch as well. That would have made for a fun phone call...
  11. I am down for ice cold beer even on a good day! And yes, I agree. I wanted to just have it dropped off at one of the UPS locations in Duluth so I could pick it up on my way back to town, but by the time I could access the tracking number it was too late... That brings up another point! How come I can't call the local UPS hub to figure out what the deal is? I understand you'd probably be having a lot of people call BEFORE their package was even supposed to be delivered, but it would be nice if there was a for of communication to at least establish "oh yeah, I forgot to run that across the street and it's still on my truck, yada yada yada".
  12. So, this past Friday I ordered a new Samsung TV on the Best Buy Pre-Black Friday deals. Awesome, got a great deal! Well, they only had two options for shipping, free two day or $45 for next day, but the free two day seemed pretty darn good. Well, yesterday at around 6:30 am it said it had arrived in Duluth, and no other updates occurred all day so I figured it would be coming out Wednesday (today). I just so happened to check the tracking last night around 8:00 PM and it said it had been delivered....at 5:30 PM....WHILE I WAS HOME. Go figure, no TV outside, around back, in the screened in patio, on the roof, etc. So I call UPS and they say that I have to take it up with the shipper. WHAT? You guys apparently "delivered" my TV, and I've got to take it up with Best Buy? Granted, if this was a relatively inexpensive item, I would be a lot more open to just saying heck with it and waiting another day, but with the money invested in this purchase I wanted to put out the fire if someone so happened to swipe my TV off the front porch (when I instructed them to leave it out back, the tracking said "left at front door".......). I even went so far as to check with a few neighbors to make sure they didn't grab the giant SAMSUNG box from my front porch to make sure no one took it. No dice. So finally, I called Best Buy CS, and talked to a very friendly/helpful gal about the situation. She looked into it for a few minutes with me on hold, confirmed what I had said that it said had been delivered but no TV, and she went ahead and cancelled the order and refunded my money. She also said that if it comes today that I can call them back and they'll recharge the card, which I have no issue with since it isn't their fault in the first place. I know that near the end of the day, some drivers have been known to mark packages as "delivered" to make up time and then will bring them by the next day. Unfortunately for them, they don't take into account the folks who are fairly diligent with their high dollar packages. Again, if this was something not so high dollar, I would not have been so quick to action, but when the item we spend a decent chunk of hard earned money on suddenly disappears, Waldo not happy. Phew, end of rant. Carry on.
  13. Auger buy - can't decide

    Like Cotner said, I've been nothing but pleased with my Mako. Is it the lightest or the fastest auger on the ice? Absolutely not, but it has been lights out in terms of reliability. The only thing I've had to replace on it was an ignition coil that went bad at the end of this past season, but if that is all after 5 hard years of use, I'll take it. The only way I would be going with something other than the Mako is if I had a wheelhouse (which hopefully is in the cards this coming spring), in which I'd be buying either the eskimo propane or an ion, but the Mako will still be in the garage for running the portable! Edit: Jdubs54 bought the Eskimo Z51 prior to this past season, and along with being very reliable last season, drills holes like a mo-fo!
  14. The Auger Decision

    When I broke my auger in I ran the first gallon at the 50:1 ratio they recommend of just the conventional Viper oil. After that I switched to Amsoil Saber and have been running it at about 80:1 ever since, seeing as that oil is recommended to run at 100:1. Another thing for the first couple holes I didn't run it wide open just to let the gears mesh properly, but after a few holes I let er buck.
  15. The Auger Decision

    I've thought about doing that but I guess my primary concern with that is the risk of letting things such as gas lines and gaskets dry out without any fuel in the system.