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    Happy Belated Birthday Rush !
  2. Holy shit Nunnu how much popcorn have you gone through? Lol.
  3. Rush, what brand/type of carpet do you use for these projects?
  4. Drill suggestions for ice auger conversion

    If you are going to be running a lot of screws I would buy a drill/ impact combo kit. The impact takes the 1/4" shank mag sockets/Phillips/regular/socket adapters/etc. and they are awesome! No stripping screws and they will work on smaller lag bolts and whatever else you need to loosen or tighten.
  5. Anyone ever dealt with Duanes Marine in Virginia?
  6. I need some work done on my outboard motor and was looking for some recommendations on a mechanic and or dealer. I have a Evinrude 115hp FICHT. Thanks.
  7. Boat title info?

    I just transferred titles on a boat and was looking for the title for my old boat. When I asked at the DMV she said that my old boat never had a title. She said that there must have never been a loan taken out on my old boat, the title thing must be a bank(lien) thing.
  8. Nice job, that thing will be brand new when you get done !
  9. Give Away Time!

    I'll give it a shot.
  10. A note from Your King!

    Good to hear GJ hope they can figure out your dizziness and your next surgery goes good.
  11. A note from Your King!

    Good news GJ ! ðŸ‘
  12. Give Away Time!

    I'm in !
  13. Big Buddy Heater

    Punky mentioned this earlier so my woman called down to west end and they were still this price so I picked one up! Saved $30 so I ended up picking up a filter and and the trophy angler carrying case for the money I saved.
  14. Happy Birthday Baiter

    Happy Belated Birthday Baiter !!!