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  1. Stop drinking that damn coke. It will make you crazy !
  2. Same O, Same O ! I should have took the $13.00 to the Casino.
  3. BTW; There is a $2.00 ticket discount on line ! See you there !
  4. I will be at the Boat Show tomorrow looking at all the stuff I can't afford or probably already have ! Just Say'n ?
  5. Happy Birthday Rush !
  6. Hi Rich  Iam contacting you here I got a request to friend you on face book today. the picture has changed to a hat and patch. and also has different friend then the original. just wondering if its you.?  Happy new year buddy hope to see you on the ice.  

    1. RichSmith


      Yes, that is me, It is from my phone.


    2. grandpajack


      ok got it


  7. Thanks Rush, I just ordered 2. One with our new Logo (decal) would be an idea for you to think about. Or just the decal, so we can put them on anything we want
  8. Great Offer Rex ! Ideas for participation, Best fish picture, Best Kid with fish picture, Number of quality posts (over so many words), most number of new members invited (IP addy) with name of the existing member (winner) who invited them to the site. Though, Staff should not be eligible or it looks rigged. BTDT Or, just let Rex pic the Winner !
  9. Just another Wonderful Day Up Nort !
  10. Me too ! Me Too !!!
  11. Got It ! SAAAAWWWWEEEETTTT ! Thanks Rush
  12. Not yet Rush, But you have to remember, I live in B F E !
  13. NLA