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  1. This is going to be interesting !
  2. Quick mount & prop are gone.
  3. also porp if you have it.

    1. RichSmith
    2. magellan


       Hello Rich,  I'd be interested in the quick mount and possibly the prop.  The mount I have is the older style.    Give me a call 7297941

      Thanks, Frank


    3. RichSmith


      Sorry Frank, both are gone.

  4. Rex & Vex P# I will send pic's
  5. Free or Barter------BARTER.
  6. Cleaned out the garage found some things I no longer need. Minnekota Quick mount, Took off boat Manuel propane tank switch with hoses & mount Several 10' propane hoses & 1 is a adapter hose for 1lb propane tank 3 forward control boat motor cables 220v weather proof electrical box complete 2 Rattle reels wall mount 1 minnekota trolling motor prop (cotter pin type)
  7. I bet there are a bunch of people who would like that on there garage doors ! I see Cha-Ching !
  8. Thanks everybody for the suggestions ! It turned out to be Mechanics ERROR ! It seems to be important to put the control board in the remote RIGHT side UP ! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! Thanks again Smitty
  9. I installed new trolling motor & control fob batteries on my Minnkota with Co-Pilot. All fob functions work (right & left) but the motor won't spin & I can hear the beeps when I ask for more RPM's for up & down, but the motor button don't work. It kind of went goofy for a few seconds when I first reset it, like it was self controlled ? I installed the foot control and everything works properly. It is a 24 Volt system. Any suggestions on trouble shooting this would be appreciated ! Smitty
  10. Gander is my last resort, Fleet Farm has put the HURT on them.
  11. Stop drinking that damn coke. It will make you crazy !
  12. Same O, Same O ! I should have took the $13.00 to the Casino.
  13. BTW; There is a $2.00 ticket discount on line ! See you there !
  14. I will be at the Boat Show tomorrow looking at all the stuff I can't afford or probably already have ! Just Say'n ?