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  1. I

    LOL !!!
  2. Yep ! What Rex said !
  3. Floating Picnic Table

    This is going to be interesting !
  4. Stuff I don't need

    Quick mount & prop are gone.
  5. also porp if you have it.

    1. RichSmith
    2. magellan


       Hello Rich,  I'd be interested in the quick mount and possibly the prop.  The mount I have is the older style.    Give me a call 7297941

      Thanks, Frank


    3. RichSmith


      Sorry Frank, both are gone.

  6. Stuff I don't need

    Rex & Vex P# I will send pic's
  7. Stuff I don't need

    Free or Barter------BARTER.
  8. Stuff I don't need

    Cleaned out the garage found some things I no longer need. Minnekota Quick mount, Took off boat Manuel propane tank switch with hoses & mount Several 10' propane hoses & 1 is a adapter hose for 1lb propane tank 3 forward control boat motor cables 220v weather proof electrical box complete 2 Rattle reels wall mount 1 minnekota trolling motor prop (cotter pin type)
  9. I bet there are a bunch of people who would like that on there garage doors ! I see Cha-Ching !
  10. Minnkota Co-Pilot

    Thanks everybody for the suggestions ! It turned out to be Mechanics ERROR ! It seems to be important to put the control board in the remote RIGHT side UP ! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! Thanks again Smitty
  11. I installed new trolling motor & control fob batteries on my Minnkota with Co-Pilot. All fob functions work (right & left) but the motor won't spin & I can hear the beeps when I ask for more RPM's for up & down, but the motor button don't work. It kind of went goofy for a few seconds when I first reset it, like it was self controlled ? I installed the foot control and everything works properly. It is a 24 Volt system. Any suggestions on trouble shooting this would be appreciated ! Smitty
  12. Gander going under

    Gander is my last resort, Fleet Farm has put the HURT on them.
  13. Gander going under

    Stop drinking that damn coke. It will make you crazy !
  14. Daily Randomness...

    Same O, Same O ! I should have took the $13.00 to the Casino.