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  1. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Glad ya'all are happy with the houses.
  2. Good People In This World

    Over a week ago I had tackle box fly out of my boat. How I have no idea, it was loaded with all of slow death rigs and spinner harnesses, blades I painted, some custom Great Lake stuff etc. all said and done atleast $900 if not more. I drove the 20 miles from cabin to the lake I went to and could not find it. Figured what the hell id throw it out on fb at a local bait shop to see if anyone has found it and that I'd provide the finder with a bottle or case of their choice. I had a handful of the blades in boat, Tommy Harris and Big Eyes, showed them to a few locals and after they were drooling over it I'd figure if anyone found it they'd keep it. So I just figured if that helps some dad get his kids on a boat load of fish, or a personal best, gets someone into fishing etc than it's worth it. Fast forward today, after buying all new beads and hooks and blades, and packing them in my suitcase. The bait shop gives me a call, says a farmer found them in his field. He dropped em off at the shop and wanted a case of budlight for them. Called my folks at the lake and thank god for Sunday sales that man is enjoying some cold beers now and I'm happy to have my stuff all back. side note is it weird I packed an entire suit case for Chicago with just tackle to make?
  3. I just did my order with clam for this winter. 60ish days to go....until I should be on some ice.
  4. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    All houses are spoken for grandpa. I'll try to find another one for you.
  5. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    What day can you do pick up? Alright I won't be there, everything is still in the box. I'm down at Clam Pro Day.
  6. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Jesus that was quick to build
  7. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Also sent you a pm about pick up and payment @cheeseman.
  8. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    I'll put your name on one cheese.
  9. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Got it down two houses.
  10. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    Just found another one so I have 3 now.
  11. 2 frabill predator non thermal NIB

    No idea. I had 3 down to 2.
  12. 2 2-3 person non thermal predator with the side step. MSRP $799.99 you can have it for $260.
  13. UNEMPLOYMENT HELP THREAD Might be a fun job for someone here. Looks like there is part time openings in Lodge too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk