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Nunnu's motorhome project

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nunnu    719

 I thought I had posted about this last fall when I first bought it, but looking back into the archives, I don't think I ever did. 


 I bought an older RV for a pretty decent price, but I knew I had to change the interior of it completely. It was pink.   I can't do pink. 


 It is a 1993  Southwind  with 44,000 miles.    The interior was not only pink, but  was filthy. 


 The first thing that we did, was, we tore out all the carpeting, kitchen vinyl, the window valances and the blinds.  The wallpaper in the bathroom and the kitchen had to be removed also.  The wallpaper then would be replaced with a glass tile that comes in 12 x 12" sheets.   All of the walls throughout the RV also have been painted to earthtone colors, couch removed and the carpet/vinyl replaced. 


 The captains chairs also were removed.  I was hoping to find  some used ones over the winter, but had no luck. Brand-new they are damn near $1000 each.    So, I yanked them and painted them last week. I used a fabric paint made by Rustoleum.  I tried the "simply spray it" stuff first but it sucked. 


 The dinette cushions along with the privacy curtain around the front windshield also were died a darker color. 


 After removing the couch, I had bought a different one that was also a shade of pink/burgundy. The couch too, I used the fabric paint. I turned that into a tan color also.


 The only thing that does not work in the RV at this current time is the refrigerator. I have tried to do everything I could think of to repair the problem. I may have to buy a new one. Otherwise, the project is coming along just fine.   I still have a bunch of stuff to do, but it is a start. Tomorrow, I hope to plan on tearing out the bathroom counter and replacing that.  Afterwords to add in the glass wall.


 Here are some pictures. I will do my best to place them in order. 



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Rush    1,508

That looks fantastic! What an upgrade! I love the glass tile back splash.

Did the people live in it or what?

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