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baiter, a hunter never stops hunting, except to sleep sometimes.

I can get three more bonus tags, but the hunt for the big buck will subside.

I will hunt muzlim loader season to tag another doe or two. the whole while I will be looking for next seasons buck.

I will keep things posted as to my progress.

next season it is my goal to get pictures of an specific buck and, KILL that specific animal.

I will raise the bar now every season. that will be a tough act to follow in a few years, but I will get it done!

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You have a way with words. I enjoyed the hunt right along with you. I specifically liked the pic and story of the two arrows together.

You have me all fired up for my hunting endeavors this weekend.

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I will say thank you guys and gal.

as I said, it has been a long time coming.

I now know it CAN happen.

one starts to wonder about his own abilities after a few blunders.

the mind can mess with a guy.

think about it this way, if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it.

everybody hunt safe. know where the other members of your hunting parties are and if there's even a slightest question of whether you should shoot or not, don't.

once that bullet leaves the barrel, you can't take it back, forever.

Know your target.

now get out there, visit your hunting party, make tomorrows "good old days".

c'mon, lay the smack down!!

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I just ran across this thread. one of my all time favorites. If you have not read this before, if you are a deer hunter, I recomend grabbing a beverage and starting at the beginning. it was a great season. one of many to follow...



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